what should I do if I want to change the text in the LED display wall?

LED display screen is divided into full-color display screen and single and double-color display screen. It is widely used in some large-scale parties, outdoor publicity and other places, butThere are times when we need a lot of things to be displayed on the screen at different times.

how to achieve this operation? What kind of operation and method are needed? Today, will help you to introduce, I hope you all

We can learn more about it.

first of all, you must know how to change the font of LED display screen. Generally, there are three ways: serial port line, U disk, mobile phone (or remote control). according to the corresponding operation mode can change the character of P10 DIP LED display screen.

1. Change the word through the serial port line, connect the LED display screen and the computer, open the display control software, set the screen parameters, edit the program font, and click send to change the font.

There is a column in the software menu. Click USB to download and save the setting parameters and contents to the USB flash disk. Use the

U disk copy content to the LED display screen to replace the line.

3. Modify the words of by using the mobile phone (or remote control), you can send and change the subtitles of advertisements by editing short messages; Generally, USB interface and COM interface are used for data transmission of LED display screen. You choose the USB interface to transfer data, modify the display content, like the common

Ledshow2012, ledplay software, and then modify it in the software. And set the screen parameters (this is related to the control card of LED display). Then click USB Download will be modified to download the good content to the U disk. Then connect the U disk to the U port of the display screen.

in general, the adjustment can meet the operation requirements of most LED displays through the above methods, but there may be different models

It’s not the same way. I hope you can learn more about it.

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