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Updated news about large led video wall displays from indoor stage rental displays to small pixel pitch high definition led display walls. Stay in tune!

Specifications and advantages of high-definition outdoor LED display screens

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With the development of technology and the increasing demand for LED screen display effects from the market, the LED display screen industry is gradually entering the high-definition era.
The resolution of high-definition LED screens is basically four times that of traditional analog televisions, and the picture clarity and color reproduction are far superior to traditional televisions.
When the original standard definition was broadcasting football matches, the football field was green, and the high-definition signal would let you see clearly that the green space was composed of green grass. The 16:9 widescreen display also brings a wider visual experience. From the perspective of audio effects, high-definition TV programs will support Dolby 5.1 surround sound, while high-definition film programs will support Dolby 5.1 True HD specifications, which will bring us an ultra stunning auditory experience.

What are the characteristics of high-definition LED screens? Let’s take a look together:
1. It has characteristics such as liquidity, compulsion, targeting, and effectiveness.
2. Program advantages. Homemade programs, instant playback, and rich content; There are not only advertisements, but also programs, including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV dramas, and advertisements interspersed between programs.
3. Location advantage. It is mainly installed in areas with concentrated traffic such as shopping malls, and full-color LED display screens are installed in landmark areas, which have a more shocking and mandatory transmission effect.
4. Publishing information is simple and convenient
A high-definition LED screen is a computer monitor that is connected to the computer through data cables or wireless communication. With simple settings on the computer, it can be used to publish advertising content, which is both convenient and fast.
5. Fast update speed of advertising content
Advertising operators and publishers can update the content of high-definition LED screen advertisements at any time, just by operating and controlling the computer, and the update process is not limited by other external conditions. According to statistics, large LED screens update their advertising content once a month on average, while small high-definition LED screens change their advertising content once a week if it takes more than three to five days.
6. Energy conservation and environmental protection
High definition LED screens are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, working 24/7, fully adapted to various harsh outdoor environments. They have strong overall performance in anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, seismic resistance, high cost-effectiveness, and good display performance.
7. Diverse forms of advertising
High definition LED screens are usually set up in public places and transportation arteries with high pedestrian traffic, in order to be intuitive, vivid, and vivid.
According to expert predictions, the demand for various types of high-definition LED screens worldwide will reach billions of dollars annually in the coming years, and it will continue to increase year by year. In China, according to the statistics of the LED Display Screen Branch of the National Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association, the sales revenue of the high-definition LED display screen industry was about 4 billion yuan last year. With China’s accession to the WTO, the use of the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to bring more attention to the economy, as well as the country’s emphasis on environmental protection issues and other favorable factors, LED screens have gained popularity in sports and households

The influence of LED lamps on the quality of full-color LED display screens

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Everyone knows that full-color LED display screens are composed of LED lamps in three colors: red, green, and blue. LED lamps are the most important raw material for LED screens, and the quality of LED lamps directly determines the quality and display ability of the LED screen. Choosing different LED beads will result in varying brightness, color, and lifespan of the LED screen.
For full-color LED displays, LED beads are the most critical component, and the quality of LED beads plays a crucial role in determining the quality of LED displays.

Firstly, Nationstar leds are the most commonly used in the entire LED full-color display, with thousands or even tens of thousands of LED beads per square meter.
Finally, LED beads directly determine the performance and color saturation and clarity of full-color LED displays.
The important indicators of LED bead quality mainly include:
1、 Full color LED display brightness
The brightness of LED beads determines the brightness of full-color LED displays. The higher the brightness of LED beads, the greater the margin of current usage, which is beneficial for saving power and maintaining the stability of LED beads. LED beads have different angle values. When the chip brightness is set, the smaller the angle, the brighter the LED, but the smaller the viewing angle of the display screen. Generally, LED beads at 100-110 degrees should be selected to ensure sufficient viewing angle for full-color LED displays.
2、 Full color LED display screen failure rate
LED display screens are composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of red, green, and blue LED beads. The failure rate of lamp beads will not exceed one in ten thousand even after aging for 72 hours.
3、 Attenuation characteristics of full-color LED display screens
The brightness of LED beads will gradually decay with increasing usage time. The attenuation rate of LED bead brightness is related to LED chips, auxiliary materials, and packaging processes to a certain extent. Generally speaking, after a 1000 hour, 20 milliampere ambient temperature illumination test, the attenuation of red LED beads should be less than 7%, and the attenuation of blue and green LED beads should be less than 10%. The consistency of red, green, and blue attenuation has a significant impact on the white balance of full-color LED displays in the future, which in turn affects the display fidelity of the display screen.
4、 LED display screen anti-static ability
Due to the fact that LED beads are semiconductor devices and are sensitive to static electricity, they are prone to electrostatic failure. Therefore, anti-static ability is crucial for the lifespan of LED displays. Generally speaking, the failure voltage of the human electrostatic mode test for LED beads should not be lower than 2000V.

The development History of LED rental display screen market

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The LED rental display screen market is just starting to take off and is a niche market that is not very promising. LED rental display screens have high requirements for the box, high design and mold costs, and low market demand, so most companies are unwilling to undertake such business. Some companies with foresight and advantages in structural design have begun to invest in this area (such as Big Eyes, Guangxiang, and Leiling, which have become synonymous with renting LED display screens).

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Due to the rent (such as P6) being above 600 yuan/square meter, the leasing company is not price sensitive when purchasing screens. At this time, the main focus is on the competition between the convenience and aesthetics of die cast aluminum boxes (i.e. structural competition).
LED rental display screens are much more expensive compared to engineering screens, but the good rental income has attracted a large number of young entrepreneurs to invest crazily in display screen rental. For a while, LED rental display screen companies have been booming and thriving.
A P6 LEDLED rental display screen was priced at around 1500 yuan/square meter in 2008, around 1200 yuan/square meter in 2009, around 800 yuan/square meter in 2010, around 500 yuan/square meter in 2011, and by early 2012, most places had dropped to around 250 yuan/square meter. At the same time, in less than a year between the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012, the number of LED rental screens in China increased threefold. As a result, by 2012… the rent for P6 rental screens was around 150 yuan.

Due to the huge market demand, almost all enterprises with sales exceeding 20 million are producing LED rental display screens themselves. With a broad perspective, companies such as Leiling, Guangxiang, Redio, Shijue, and Huiming have accumulated professional teams in the design, production, and sales of LED rental screens, forming their own advantages in box design; 2. Although companies such as Zhouming, Lianjian, Ruituo, Mairui, Yishida, Liade, and Lijing do not specialize in producing rental screens, they have also designed corresponding rental boxes based on their scale advantages and gained a certain share of the rental market business; 3. Kress, Xincai, Huijiarui, Tongpu, Decai, Haobo, Kemeixin and other companies do not have rental boxes, but their small scale has a price advantage and they also sell a certain amount of LED rental display screens.
We firmly believe in winning customers with product quality and brand benefits, focusing on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, providing competitive LED display solutions and services, and continuously creating maximum value for customers. Gathering industry elites, possessing a large number of experienced and highly skilled technical and management talents, and having an excellent sales team; By relying on sophisticated testing instruments and equipment, a complete product quality control system has been established, covering the stages of research and development, production, installation, and debugging, as well as final inspection and passing of the factory; Relying on strong integration and team collaboration capabilities, Leiling Display has established strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign LED display raw material suppliers and sellers, achieving resource integration, complementary advantages, and efficient collaboration for modern enterprises; We adhere to the business policy of “customer first, quality first, reputation first, abide by contracts, and keep promises”, and work together with people from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a better future.

To become a trusted LED display screen manufacturer for customers

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LED screens have witnessed the rapid development of the Chinese economy and the complete penetration of information technology in various fields. inadvertently, they have become an irreplaceable modern media communication method in the field of information display.

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The LED display screen industry in China has continuously made breakthroughs and innovations in full-color LED displays, 256 level grayscale video control technology, cluster non warp control, multi-level group control technology, and other aspects. It has made remarkable progress in technology and product design, and there is not much difference in technology compared to international first-class brands, forming a comparable situation.
However, due to the low entry technical barriers in the LED display screen, LED TV wall, and LED electronic billboard industry, the production process of LED display screens is divided very finely from control systems to face shield design. By integrating the main technologies, one can become a manufacturer.
For a while, the domestic LED display screen market presented a mixed situation. Many enterprises, in order to occupy the market, are willing to engage in price wars and strive to control their production costs, but their quality cannot be effectively guaranteed.
As Mr. Guan Peihua, Senior Manager of the International Marketing Department of Lighthouse (Zhaoguang Technology), said, “Currently, in first tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, as the first batch of LED displays are being updated and replaced, customers are paying more attention to product quality and maintenance services, and their requirements for products are also higher than before.” Therefore, the “extensive” market model can no longer meet user needs, It is precisely because of this market transformation characteristic that batches of first-class enterprises with high reputation abroad are seeking opportunities to enter the Chinese market and gradually establishing local teams in China, bringing huge impacts to the already fiercely competitive LED market. The reason why they bring tremendous impact is because they have many years of experience abroad, and their products have gone through mature market tests, forming an irresistible brand advantage.
Leiling Display Technology Co., Ltd. has always focused on its brand benefits and product reputation. We mainly position our products in the high-end market and establish and promote our brand image. Our mission is to focus on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, provide competitive LED display solutions and services, and continuously create maximum value for customers. We have no scarce resources to rely on, only through hard work can we win the respect and trust of our customers.
In order to better meet customer needs, we are proactive and brave in exploring, adhering to openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, product, solution, and business management can only generate value when transformed into commercial success. We adhere to customer demand orientation and continuously innovate around customer needs.

How to take fire prevention measures for LED transparent screen

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In terms of fire prevention technology, led transparent screen mainly depends on the fire prevention raw materials and box process of transparent screen. Refractory raw materials include transparent screen inner wire, power supply, fireproof materials, plastic kit and other aspects: in most transparent screen applications, the larger the area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the power on stability of the wire.
Among many wire rod products, the safety and stability of wire rod can be ensured only by adopting wire rod meeting the requirements of national standards. There are three requirements: the wire core is the conductive carrier of copper wire, the cross-sectional area tolerance of wire core is within the standard range, and the insulation and flame retardant performance of core-clad adhesive layer meet the standard. Compared with ordinary copper-clad aluminum wire core, the cross-sectional area of wire core is small, and the grade of insulation rubber is not enough, The charging performance is more stable and is not prone to short circuit.led screen factory display panels (2)
UL certified power products are also the best choice for similar products. The effective conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of power load, and can work normally under the hot external environment; 3. Another important component of LED transparent screen fireproof raw materials is plastic bag.
The plastic kit is mainly used as the material for the bottom shell of the unit module mask. The main raw material is flame retardant PC glass fiber material, which not only has flame retardant function, but also can be used for a long time at low temperature without deformation and embrittlement. Indoor materials will affect the fire prevention effect. The external configuration and design are also very important, but the external configuration mainly focuses on the surrounding heat dissipation.

How to choose a small pitch LED display advertising wall

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When purchasing LED displays, the precautions for choosing small spacing LED displays: users should consider their own cost, demand, scope of application and other factors. Before buying a small spacing LED display, decide whether you really need a small spacing. It should be decided according to the actual situation.flexible led video wall (3)
1、 The prerequisite is “low brightness and high gray”.
As a small spacing LED screen of the display terminal, we must first ensure the viewing comfort, so when purchasing, the primary consideration is the brightness. Relevant research shows that as an active source, LED has twice the brightness of passive light (projector and LCD) in terms of human eye sensitivity. In order to make the eyes look more comfortable, the brightness range of small spacing LED screen can only be between 100cd m2 and 300cd .
2、 When choosing point spacing, we should pay attention to the balance of “effect and skill”
Ordinary LED screens want to get good visual effects. Some people can only see the sight distance and small spacing LED screens. Users can simply measure P2 through sight distance = sight distance . For example, the viewing distance of P2 small spacing LED screen is about 6m.
3、 Select the resolution and pay attention to the matching with the “front-end signal transmission device”.
The smaller the dot spacing of the low spacing LED screen, the higher the resolution, and the higher the definition of the image. In practice, users want to construct a good LED display system with small spacing. While paying attention to the resolution of the screen itself, they should also consider the matching with the front-end signal transmission products.

How to install the LED display? What are the installation methods?

indoor rental led screens

LED display is now more and more widely used. When the application field and installation environment are different, the installation methods of LED display are also different. How to install the LED display? What are the installation methods?

outdoor led wall
1、 The most common installation method (wall mounted or embedded)
Wall mounted installation is the most commonly used installation method. The LED display will protrude 10 cm or more from the wall. Embedded is that the whole LED large screen is embedded into the wall, and the display plane is at the same level as the wall. These two installation methods are usually used when there is no rain indoors or semi outdoors, and the front maintenance design is generally adopted (i.e. front maintenance design, which is usually assembled by unit plate magnetic suction).
2、 Cantilever or suspension type
This method can be used both indoors and outdoors. Generally, indoor scenes are used at the entrance of passages and corridors, as well as at the entrance of stations, railway stations and subway entrances. Outdoor scenes are used for traffic guidance on highways, railways and expressways.
3、 Column installation (single column and double column)
There are many column installation methods, which are generally used for outdoor billboards, and the single column installation method is suitable for small screens; Double column installation method is suitable for large screen; Closed maintenance channel is suitable for simple box; The open maintenance channel is suitable for all outdoor boxes.
4、 Floor standing and roof type installation method
This method is applicable to indoor and outdoor. Generally, the back wall cannot bear load or the surrounding is open, so it can only be installed vertically on the ground. This installation method is generally thick, because there are no support points around, and all forces are supported at the bottom.

What are the advantages of full-color LED display SMD video wall?


What are the advantages of full-color LED display video wall billboards?

1. It has a wide viewing angle. For the surface paste screen display, it has a viewing angle of more than 110 degrees in the horizontal direction and the same performance in the vertical direction. In many external environments, such a large viewing angle is very advantageous.
2. In terms of light distribution, the brightness of blue, red and green LEDs looks the same from all angles. This can make the full-color LED display screen more perfect to show its playing effect. No matter what angle the viewer can enjoy the best color picture, instead of the traditional direct plug-in lamp bead display screen with large angle deviation, There is a problem of color distortion.
3. In terms of light mixing, due to its three in one chip design structure, the chip body with a very small distance can mix light in the same support cup, that is, the red, green and blue chips form a light bead, which is different from the three chips of ordinary led. In different LED light beads, the three light beads form a light mixing point, and the light mixing performance is poor. If you watch it closely, the watch paste screen display will have a better viewing effect.
4. In terms of contrast, because its structure is three in one, the SMD will be very small. The direct result is that there is a small area of luminous formation and a large area of black area, resulting in a very high contrast of the screen display.
5. In terms of product production, the surface pasted full-color LED display has high automation. It can be produced by full-automatic equipment. It has a high production efficiency and excellence rate. In terms of production links, its quality is better than the traditional LED full-color display with in-line lamps.
6. In terms of the weight of the body, it is very light, which has a great relationship with the material of aluminum alloy used in the box. It is not only light in weight, but also very beautiful. After long-term use, there will be no deformation. It has very high use value for both companies renting products and users’ own purchase.
Although there are various shortcomings in the installation of this full-color LED display, for example, its brightness is lower than that of other products, and its waterproof performance is also worse, in terms of cost performance, this product has excellent performance in many aspects, and its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. It is still worth buying this product.

How about outdoor LED advertising screen?

Speaking of LED advertising screen, it is everywhere in our real life. There are indoor and outdoor ones. Today, we focus on how to choose outdoor LED advertising screen. How to choose it, can we make our advertising more outstanding?

Outdoor LED advertising screen has become the mainstay of advertising industry. It has gradually replaced the traditional advertising media, which is so dazzling. So what about outdoor LED advertising screen? What are the characteristics?

LED advertising screen can play multimedia content, video and pictures are not in the background. Compared with traditional static graphic advertising, of course, it has more visual impact, can touch the audience’s senses in all directions and effectively convey information to guide consumption. The audience faces a lot of advertisements. Because of the limited memory space and the infinite information dissemination, LED display has gradually become a scarce resource, so attention economy has become the largest size to test the advertising effect. A while ago, the Korean giant wave screen, I believe that everyone still have the impression, that wave will rush out of the screen and come! People stop to watch, which is the interpretation of visual impact. This is the effect that led advertising screen can achieve. What do you say about LED advertising screen?

Outdoor LED advertising screens are generally installed in areas with concentrated human flow, such as shopping malls, pedestrian streets, intersections, high-speed roadsides, airports, docks, stations, etc. as an example, mass media is a large-scale advertiser in China, covering three quarters of the urban population by elevator publicity. Imagine that if the plane advertising is used, The coverage rate and advertising benefit will be greatly reduced! In the outdoor, LED advertising screen, can make your publicity more outstanding, more effective!

With the improvement of living standards, people’s tastes are getting higher and higher. It’s hard to arouse interest in small advertisements, leaflets, publications published on the street. But we can enjoy the video with a friend’s circle and a video of shaking. We tiktok here and there. Now we have entered the end of the video. Media age and graphic era seem to be getting far away from us. Obviously, video advertising is more effective than graphic advertising! So, outdoor LED advertising screen how, has not to say more!

In the past, from the countryside to the city, there were many neon advertisements. Seeing neon lights reminds us of Shanghai beach in 1980s. The single style of neon lights can not meet the requirements of the times. LED display screen with more energy saving and changing advertising content has been born. LED display screen has evolved for many years, from the beginning of monochrome to the popular full color. Outdoor LED advertising screen adopts It is full color screen, which is of great benefit to improve image and taste. LED advertising screen has gradually become the mainstream advertising carrier of the city.

After all, I believe you have a clear answer to the question of how outdoor LED advertising screen is. Yes, it is correct to use LED advertising screen for advertising!

How about LED light pole screen? How much is a square meter?

With the popularization of wireless, LED light pole screen has gradually come into our view. Let’s have a look at the LED light pole screen, how much is the price per square meter.

Speaking of LED lamp pole screen, we have to say that smart lamp pole, which integrates intelligent lighting function, information release function, information collection function, information transmission and control function, green new energy charging, environmental monitoring and so on. With the popularity of the 5g network, which will soon be used in large-scale commercial applications, I believe that smart lampposts will be more widely used to support the full coverage of the city’s Internet of things. This is the later part. Today we will focus on LED lamp pole screen. What about the LED light pole screen?

As the name implies, LED lamp pole screen can be simply understood as an electronic advertising screen specially used on the lamp post. It is suitable for installation in places where street lamps are needed in areas such as highway, subway station, shopping mall and scenic spot. Streetlights are usually not in large quantities. The dynamic advertising content with multi colors will definitely give passers-by a shocking visual impact. Compared with the traditional light box advertising, it is a higher judgment! In terms of installation, LED lamp pole screen only needs to be installed on the lamp pole, which is very convenient. What do you say about LED light pole screen?

LED light pole screen can display dynamic video advertisement, which can express more propaganda content and attract more eyeballs. The lamp pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous receiving and playing, coupled with the design of angle of view greater than 140 degrees, in such a rush place as the road, even if you take a glance in the driving vehicle, you will not miss the content of the advertisement. Driving on the highway, no matter how far the car goes, there is always a high-definition street lamp screen to play the content of the company, to alleviate the driver fatigue driving also has a considerable role. Beautify the appearance of the city, civilization prompt two not wrong! Advertisements can also be seen at night

LED lamp pole screen is a new advertising media with great market prospect. It has the following characteristics: luminous brightness is 7200cd / m2, light sensor probe, brightness can be adjusted automatically; dust and water-proof grade is very strong, up to IP68! In addition, the sun proof and explosion-proof function is also very good, because the galvanized steel plate is used, and the professional surface technology is treated. According to the laboratory test data, the LED light screen will not fade after 8 years of outdoor use. Mobile phone, computer, WiFi wireless network control, remote synchronous update, very convenient to enjoy the scientific and technological achievements! Of course, intelligent identification module can be added to realize more functions. In summary, how about LED lamp pole screen? Of course not bad!

The LED lamp pole screen on each street lamp pole, not only can realize the comprehensive utilization of street lamp pole, make the road no longer monotonous, but also can play colorful decorative pictures according to different festivals to beautify the city appearance. At the same time, it can also provide the public with weather changes, environmental pollution values and road traffic conditions, bringing more convenience to the public.

How much is the LED lamp pole screen? Because it is a customized product, there are many parameter configurations, and the price is not the same, so the price can not be generalized. If you need product information, case pictures and videos, as well as quotation, please contact us.

Viewing distance of LED large screen

When it comes to LED, which large screen we want to do is not familiar with us? What is the better viewing distance of LED large screen? How to choose?

First of all, let’s give you Amway. Now the LED screen is full-color LED display, and the monochrome screen and two-color screen are rarely used, so we won’t talk about it.

LED large screen is made up of modules one by one, and the module is composed of dense lamp beads. Different models have different distances and different prices.

When it comes to the viewing distance of LED large screen, let’s talk about the model of LED large screen. The letter “P” + “number” is generally used for LED large screen, such as P2 / P3 / 10 and so on. Here “P” refers to the center distance between two lamp beads. For example, P2 is the distance between two lamp beads, which is 2mm, P3 is 3mm, and P10 is 10mm. The smaller the distance, the clearer the price.

We can judge the viewing distance by knowing the distance between the LED large screen. The number behind the LED screen is not only the distance between the light beads, but also the viewing distance. For example, if P2’s light distance is 2 mm, its viewing distance is 2 meters, especially if the viewing distance is less than 2 meters, the effect is not very good if it is less than 2 meters. Similarly, the viewing distance of P3 LED screen is 3 meters away!

Now the viewing distance of LED large screen is clear? So we know what model to use and everything will be fine? It’s not!

We know that led large screen is a big project with high technical requirements, complex construction and long service life, which requires the manufacturers, product quality, construction and after-sales maintenance of LED large screen. If we simply compare the price, we will regret it to a great extent. After all, we can get the goods every cent. The quality is directly proportional to the price and service. Don’t be greedy for the cheap and bring bitter fruit!

It is easy for us to understand the viewing distance of LED large screen, but it is not easy to install a good LED screen. This process requires you to select strong manufacturers, excellent quality products and perfect after-sales service to make us feel at ease! If you have any questions, please contact us.

Intelligent floor with remote control and led tile screen in the new era

Recently, the LED display factory has been brushed by the “new era intelligent floor remote control drawing”. It turns out that it is caught fire by a small video. Let’s take a look at the intelligent floor in the new era and what is the relationship between the LED floor tile screen and the intelligent floor?

According to the LED display factory engineer, this video was circulated last year. It started circulating abroad this year and then spread to the country. Many of the brush shakes were brushed and they came to tiktok.

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