Support & Service

About the purchase of our LED large screen display after-sales service
The after-sales service period of the whole screen is three years, and the service period is free of charge.
Lifelong maintenance, after the warranty period to ensure a reasonable price to provide spare parts and maintenance services, only the cost.

24 hour after sales service technical support contact number + 86-13714518751
Within the warranty period: Party B in China shall provide 24-hour service, give feedback within 30 minutes from the date of receiving the maintenance notice, arrive at the site for repair within 24 hours, and complete the repair of general faults within 4 hours. The expenses incurred shall be borne by Party B. Foreign countries need to send the module back for repair.

Technical support
Technical support is divided into pre-sale technical support and after-sales technical support. Pre-sales technical support is to help customers when they encounter unanswerable product problems; after sales technical support is to help users diagnose and solve the fault problems in the process of using LED display screen products, which may be caused by the products.

led technical support