Transparent LED Display Solution

Transparent clear LED Video Display Screen Solution

Transparent led display ,Less Weight and Easy Installation glass led display
Transparent LED Display can be easily fixed on the surface of the curtain wall, and it is not necessary to change any Building structure.The standard module size is simple and elegant,High transparency rate for front and back,Perfect lighting, visual like dreaming over then 50% of energy than traditional display.


P3.91mm Indoor Transparent LED Display P3.91mm Outdoor Transparent LED Display
P7.81mm Outdoor Transparent LED Display
P10.4mm Outdoor Transparent LED Display
Transparent LED Display

Standard cabinet design
1.Thin and light
2.Cabinet dimension:500*500mm/500*1000mm
3.Ultra-thin design: thickness 40mm
4.Let the screen is perfect fusion with building
5.The PCB board is the most narrow in this line 3mm

Ultra slim & light weight
1.Fast lock for cabinet connection
2.Designed for easy installation
3.Only 10seconds for one people to assemble
4.Easy installation and without any other tools
glass led panel

High Transparent Effect
More than 70% of the perspective effect retains the function of glass lighting perspective of transparent led screen,it almost can not see the existence of LED lamps,and the glass curtain wall near the space is not affected.
The board thickness is Only 40mm,after installing,the transparent LED display occupies little space,and it does not interfere with the other facilities or structure near the glass curtain wall.LED display’s weight is only 15KG/square meters,which will take tiny change after the installation in the glass curtain wall.