what determines the price of LED display screens for advertising show?

As the LED display screen is often used, many led display customers may think about the price at the first time, but for us as the¬†professional LED manufacturers, the price is not fixed, so why say so? Let’s help you.

After that, we will understand the reason better. So what are the LED display prices divided into?

Part I: LED display panel cost

for LED display screen, the highest price part should be the screen body, because the screen is the most important part of the display screen, generally speaking, the price is

About 80% of them are screens. LED large screen is composed of display module, power supply, box, and power line. Among them, the cost of module is the highest,

The price difference of different lamp beads and chips is also very big!

Part II: LED large screen control system:

[LED large screen] LED large screen play is generally divided into synchronous control and asynchronous control. Asynchronous control is commonly used in single and double color LED display screen

The system is applied in the field of LED full-color display.

synchronous display system is based on the computer synchronization mode. The display screen is connected with the computer by network cable. The synchronization system is composed of sending card and receiving card, and the system is composed of sending card and receiving card

When the area of the external display screen is less than 80 square meters, it usually adopts one sending card and 40-50 receiving cards (two boxes and one card). The indoor LED color screen is relatively systematic

This is slightly higher because its pixel density is much higher than that of the outdoor electronic screen.

Part 3: LED display accessories

for electronic display screen to work normally, it is not enough to have led display screen. Also need some accessories to use, the most basic accessories are: computer(desktop computer), air conditioner (heat dissipation is very important), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card (optional)

Automatic adjustment of display screen temperature, brightness, humidity and other physical data), video processor (optional), etc.

the cost of accessories varies greatly according to different brands. It is normal for one of them to have a difference of several thousand yuan, and the display screen manufacturers only purchase on behalf of others

Purchase, do not produce related accessories, so most of the accessories are recommended for customers to purchase locally.

Part IV: LED large screen steel structure, foundation frame.

the general installation methods of LED screen are: wall mounted, floor mounted, inlaid, column mounted and roof mounted. What we see now is the LED screen,

Both the large screen attached to the wall of high-rise buildings and the LED electronic screen of indoor background wall are fixed by steel structure.

The cost of the foundation frame is second only to that of the LED display screen. The price of the ordinary outdoor steel structure is between 1200-1500 yuan / m2

The cost of wall mounted LED panel square pass structure is about 600 yuan / m2, and the cost of Optimus pillar fixed steel structure and column foundation reaches 2000-2500 yuan / m2. by

It is suggested that the manufacturer should provide the construction drawings and the customer can make the welded steel structure locally.

Part V: logistics, transportation, installation, etc

Yes. In order to protect the safety of the goods, all the goods are made of pearl cotton, plastic film, carton, wooden frame, and the most reliable logistics company in China.

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