How to measure the cost performance of LED display?

The development of LED display is becoming more and more popular, and the types and models of products are more and more popular. So what kind of LED digital display screen is really good quality and low price? How should we determine whether it is suitable when we choose and buy LED display screen. What’s the right price?

1. Raw materials: power supply (imported or domestic), IC (imported or domestic), LED lamp, PCB board (thickness)

2. Driving mode: separation or integration;

3. Light composition: three lights or four lights;

4. Box: simple and standard;

5, refresh rate;
6, LED brightness ratio;                                                                                                                                                                                                                    7. What materials are used for LED lamp feet: iron, copper;                                                                                                                                                        8. LED lamp chip size;
9. Company process flow;
10. Screen function: correction function, current gain, error detection.

in general, we should pay attention to the above ten points in the purchase of LED display screen, because different quality, different product models may not be completely different

The same, but we should pay more attention to the key points when purchasing, especially in the after-sale of the products, because the service life of the products is very long

The length is also an important condition that affects whether we want to buy. If the use time is long and the product after-sale is good, then in the later use is also very convenient.

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