HTL offers a turn-key solutions for various led display walls, our solutions ranges from indoor & outdoor advertising LED display, stage LED display, sport LED display, stadium perimeter LED display, event LED display, flexible LED display, various creative LED display such as ball, cube, cylinder, etc, TV station LED display, government LED display, subway LED display, taxi LED display, dancing floor LED display, energy saving LED display, and more.

rental led wallRental Stage LED Display

Rental LED display main issue is frequent, easy and fast installation, which we have always been researching sustainable solutions. As for rental cabinets, we specifically designed them to assure the moving purpose of the cabinets as well as stability of a structure for frequent, easy and fast installation.…

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Advertising Large Led Screen

In nowadays LED market, large and small LED display manufacturers are scrambling to introduce energy-saving LED display, say 50%, 55%, 60% or even 70% more energy-saving concepts. Which one is the real energy saving in the end? Energy saving rather is relying on a particular display hardware and software technology improvements…

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Transparent led screen solution

Transparent LED Display can be easily fixed on the surface of the curtain wall, and it is not necessary to change any Building structure.The standard module size is simple and elegant,High transparency rate for front and back,Perfect lighting, visual like dreaming over then 50% of energy than traditional display.

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Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED display is one of the most popular LED products series. The diverse play modes greatly enhance the value of commercial advertisement. With vivid and brilliant colors, perimeter demonstrates brand concept accurately….

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Mobile Truck Led Display

LED Advertising Truck Solution: we are a China company dedicated to the manufacture of LED screens , and related products, such as billboards for indoor and outdoor, as well as LED Screens mobile units like advertising trucks, or Trailers. Our products can be fast front access and shipped Worldwide LED advertising truck

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LED High Resolution LED Display

Compared with traditional LED screens, the prominent feature of small-pitch LED screens is smaller dot pitch. In practical applications, the dot pitch is smaller,the physical density is more higher,and the more information capacity that can be displayed per unit area at a time….

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