Analysis of four advantages of LED display digital walls.

The advantages of LED display are obvious, especially in outdoor places, a good LED display can make the enterprise higher End, a variety of display enterprise characteristics and to promote the content, so many users like LED display screen, so what are the specific characteristics?

LED display screen manufacturers to help you to introduce.

1, advertising content update speed is fast, advertising agents and publishers can update LED display advertising content at any time, only need to operate the control computer, the update process is not subject to other external conditions

Restrictions. According to statistics, large-scale LED displays update advertising content once a month on average, while small-scale LED display screens are less than three or five days and more than a week

Change the content of the advertisement once.

2. Easy and convenient to release information;

LED display screen is the display of a computer, which is connected with the computer through data line connection or wireless communication, as long as it is simply set up in the computer

Set, can be used to publish advertising content, both convenient and fast. [LED large screen]

3. There are various forms of advertising.

LED display screen usually sets up public places and traffic arteries with a large number of people, so as to attract viewers’ active attention with intuitive, vivid and vivid advertising forms

It has a wider range and more compulsory viewing than traditional media. In addition to outdoor advertising, it can also publish information.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

LED display panel is energy-saving and environment-friendly. It works all day long. It can fully adapt to all kinds of harsh outdoor environment. It has anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection and anti-seismic

Strong performance, high cost performance, good display performance and so on.

Facing the future, with the development of LED display technology, 3G communication technology and other innovative transmission technologies will also be widely applied in the field of outdoor media advertising.

LED display outdoor advertising will bring us more wonderful.

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