The advantages and disadvantages of LED display advertising walls.

Nowadays, the advertisement on LED display screen has become a trend. It has emerged endlessly in the streets and alleys of major cities, and has become more and more close to people’s life, It is also closer to our daily work, so what are the advantages of this led display advertising? What are the disadvantages? How to make this form of digital advertising more closer to our lives? Here’s an analysis.

1. The advantages and disadvantages of the advertising screen changing mode, which greatly shifts the risk of outdoor advertising media companies. If the profit is not ideal, LED display manufacturers will lose a lot.

With the frequent occurrence of indecent videos, light pollution and noise pollution on outdoor display screens all over the country, the negative risks of LED display screen are caused, And gradually strong. Even the relevant government departments have issued corresponding laws and regulations to limit the number of LED display installation and release, and the approval is more and more strict.

Therefore, there are various challenges in advertising screen changing.

2. How to establish a regulatory system?

although the LED display has a good situation in the outdoor advertising market, there are many regulatory loopholes, such as the standard setting of light pollution, the dissemination of content Regulation and so on. At present, the LED display screen manufacturing enterprises are still in the development stage, and lack of professional media operation experience. It will be a long-term project how to build the industry standard and the evaluation system of LED display media detection system. After all, the audience of outdoor advertising media market Is the majority of people, accept their supervision is also led display enterprises need to consider the problem.

3. From decentralization to intensive

the application space of LED display screen in outdoor advertising market is very large, and many enterprises with scale strength want to get one

What’s more, listed companies are developing high-density and small spacing LED display products to capture this field. In the invisible, each family shows his magic power and seeks for the whole one after another

China’s major monopoly industries cooperate and the market is scattered.

from the perspective of LED display industry itself, the leading enterprises have not yet formed, and several competitive enterprises may become the biggest strong ones, LED display manufacturing enterprises entering the outdoor advertising industry is bound to be decentralized. With the development of LED display enterprises, future integrators will integrate the advantages of capital Source, with the trend of large-scale expansion to occupy the largest outdoor advertising market share.

in a sense, LED display enterprises have stepped into or attached to outdoor advertising media industry, which is a new business model exploration

It is the stage product of LED display industry development. We should see that this mode has a promising profit margin, as well as risks and risks

Challenge. This new mode in the exploration period needs efforts and investment returns to be observed in order to truly mature.

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