The introduction of control system for the LED display screen walls.

As the most important part of the development of new type advertisement, LED display screen should be understood and paid attention to in detail,

Control system is one of the most important parts, so how can we distinguish these things? Today, I will give you a detailed introduction. The control system of LED display screen control system is also a very important part; the control system of LED display screen generally includes synchronous system and asynchronous system.

synchronization system: the LED display is equivalent to a large display, and the contents on the LED display screen and computer display are completely synchronized

The operation is displayed on the LED display screen; if the computer is turned off, the LED display screen will also be closed and no longer display the content; it is suitable for the high real-time requirements occasions, such as video screens, etc.

DVI display card + 256 gray level control card, control points 1280 × 512, control

The range is Φ 5 – 9.76 m long, 3.9 m high, and Φ 3.75 – 6.1 m long and 2.448 m high.

asynchronous system: the LED display screen and the computer display content are not synchronized; the content to be displayed is sent to the control card after being edited on the computer,

After the control card is powered on, the contents stored on the card can be displayed, even if the computer has been turned off;

It is suitable for occasions with low real-time requirements, such as single and two-color banner screen, playing some notice slogans, etc.;

realizes the function of offline and storing information, while PC only plays the function of modifying the content of LED display screen, and the display function is realized by asynchronous control

The advantage is that a PC can control multiple LED displays, so it can realize multi screen networking. The above is a detailed introduction to the control system.

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