Repairing and maintenance of outdoor LED display panels.

Compared with the traditional advertising products, LED display screen exists more in the outdoor environment because of this situation Installation conditions, running time and other complex issues need to be considered, which requires us to regularly maintain the display screen

Ensure the quality and life of LED display. So how to repair and maintain it? Let’s introduce it to you.

1. Pay attention to the humidity of the surrounding environment of the LED advertising screen, and do not let the articles with moisture enter into the LED advertising screen. If wide on wet led

When the advertising screen is electrified, the internal parts of the LED advertising screen will be corroded by water vapor, which will cause irreparable damage to the LED advertising screen.

2. Try to avoid possible situations, and keep the LED advertising screen away from the screen. On the screen

Line cleaning, but also to gently scrub, as far as possible to reduce the risk of injury. [Shenzhen LED display price]

3. The screen has the most contact with customers, and daily maintenance is also necessary. Regular dust removal and cleaning of the screen can

To improve the display effect of LED advertising screen, increase the influence. The power supply of the screen is also required to be stable, and the grounding protection should be done well. In case of bad weather, strong wind, rainstorm and heavy thunder, the power supply of the screen should be stable,

The screen should no longer be used.

5. The screen interior should be closed to prevent water and other conductive metal objects. LED advertising screen should be placed in good ventilation, dust than

Less in the environment. Large particles of dust will not only weaken the display effect, but also damage the circuit of LED advertising screen.

6. Correct switching sequence of LED advertising screen: A: turn on the control equipment of the screen first, and then run the control software of the screen,

After stable operation, open the LED advertising screen after power on. B: Turn off the screen before turning off the computer.

7. The LED advertising screen should be guaranteed to be out of service for more than two hours. In wet and cold weather, at least led should be used every seven days

The ad screen runs once. It is suggested that the LED advertising screen should be turned on more than once a month, and the lighting time must be more than 2 hours.

8. Regularly check the LED advertising screen, and if there is any improper problem, it should be timely reported, repaired and replaced.

please remember that the above 8 items will definitely be of great benefit to you in your daily use of LED display screen. If there are other problems about LED display screen,

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