How to improve the power efficiency of LED electronic display

We all know that led electronic display screen is driven by electricity. We can say what effect the product can achieve. On the one hand, it is the quality of the product,

On the other hand, it is not whether the efficiency of the power supply is sustained and stable. So how to improve the driving efficiency of LED power supply? Here are eight tips for you

1. The main current circuit PCB should be as short as possible: the experience and layout of laypcb are nothing, and the fast way is to look at the works of large factories.

2. Optimize transformer parameter design: reduce eddy current loss caused by ringing. This is relatively difficult. First of all, we should master the basic knowledge of electromagnetic and design a reasonable change

Pressure, the most important thing is patience, even if you want to improve the efficiency of 0.5%, also want to try. Reasonable selection of switching devices: This is the balance between cost and performance, what kind of customer requirements, what kind of device to use, but reasonable. as

For efficiency, there is no doubt cool MOS, low VF output diode. If the input EMI part of the optimization design has passed the safety regulations, this part will be more elaborate, mainly experience. [price of LED electronic display screen]

5. Selecting high-efficiency extension structure is the beginning of scheme selection, such as PWM and QR PFM. If the current customers ask for efficiency, they should evaluate it

What kind of extension should be selected.

6. Choosing a good electrolytic capacitor is ignored by many people, and the electrolytic loss is very large.

7. On the premise that the power consumption design of start-up part is efficient, it should be considered that at present, many chips have HV startup pins, and the starting current is getting lower and lower

Point is to understand more about new devices, of course, there are additional circuit lossless start, I think it is not suitable for LED drive.

8. Chip assisted power supply optimization. This point is pointed out in the l6562d application document of St that 15V is the best, but the LED is generally wide voltage output, so

My choice is to add a linear voltage regulator to make the chip work at 15V to reduce the loss.

the above eight tips are summed up in the daily work of liansen optoelectronics, hoping to help the majority of LED manufacturers.

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