LED video wall has developed for many years with broad prospects

Various types of LED display also emerge in endlessly, although the development is fast, but the prospect is not optimistic. The good market prospect of will also attract more competitors. Coupled with the promotion of industrial policies, more capital will enter the LED industry in the future.

However, at present, the concentration of domestic LED screen industry is not high, the market share is relatively scattered, and the problem of product homogeneity is prominent, so the enterprise’s anti risk ability is worrying.

Once a large amount of external capital is injected, the current loose brand pattern will be easily disintegrated, and industry reshuffle is inevitable.

profits decline or endanger the survival of enterprises

as we all know, LED industry technology updates rapidly, raw material prices continue to decline, leading to a downward trend in product prices. With more capital in the future

With this injection, more production capacity will be released in a centralized way, which will form a more competitive situation. The domestic market environment with price war practices will eventually lead to enterprises

The decline of profitability even threatens the survival of enterprises.

in the face of homogeneous and low profit market risks, LED display enterprises actively explore new profit growth points and profit models. For the current industry hot

With the highest degree and high profit margin of small space LED display screen, enterprises have been increasing their R & D investment. After the 0.8mm small spacing LED display screen came into being,

At the end of March, 0.7mm small spacing products were also developed, which effectively improved the competitiveness of high-density small spacing products with DLP and LCD splicing technology,

It promotes the small space LED screen to stride forward to indoor application.

LED display market continues to heat up, which brings both opportunities and challenges. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, LED display enterprises have their own advantages

To explore the survival and development of enterprises. At the same time, it also brings a signal to the market: industry reshuffle is inevitable, and enterprises need to be far sighted and accurate

Positioning can effectively cope with the coming tide of the industry.

therefore, in response to the wave of led development, each company has made its own moves to cope with different development pressures, and finally hope that the majority of LED.

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