Real 3D naked eye stereoscopic LED display to achieve “street waves”!

3D LED display is a new information display media developed rapidly in the world in the late 1980s. It is to change the display contents of the screen by changing the red green (red, green, blue and yellow) light beads in a timely manner, such as text, animation, pictures and video, and control the component display through modular structure. The development has achieved “the street waves”, mainly with 3D naked eye LED display to achieve this effect, but also to show some more wonderful pictures!

3d led display

“Street waves” come and attack, a look like the deep sea, the waves hit, immediately buried in the sea. It is necessary to say that the animation is very lifelike, and it is worth mentioning that the LED display can perfectly present the whole picture and maximize the effect. Compared with the previous LED display technology did not know how much progress, how many people’s efforts to have this effect today, we see other display effects!

This is a screen made of LED transparent screen in LED display screen, also known as ice screen. Transparent LED display is self-emitting display, which is different from projection and back projection display technology, and can play dynamic video and picture independently, without other tools such as projection. What we often see is the jewelry displayed in the jewelry store on the street, which shows a beautiful jewelry perfectly, and all the details are reflected!

The effect of LED display is very realistic, which can display the content perfectly and attract the eyes of pedestrians. The “street waves” created by the real 3D 3D LED display screen is a wave of popularity. The LED display has a variety of different effects. For example, LED display factory led time tunnel screen, led transparent screen and LED floor tile screen, etc., the effect is different! For details, please consult: 18038141365, let the sales manager contact you!

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