How much is the LED ice transparent screen per square meter?

Transparent LED ice screen can also be called led transparent screen or LED ice screen. Say white is jewelry shop show jewelry, a beautiful jewelry show on the counter, without any support point. Ice screen used in many places, the effect is very good, bring popularity, directly increase income. As a pedestrian in the LED display screen, I’d like to talk about how much the LED ice screen costs per square meter, and by the way, talk about the charging standard for the ice screen!

led glass wall

I. brief introduction to ice screen:

Ice screen is a new LED display technology. It looks like a group of small linear LED lamps composed of blinds, the highest permeability of 85%, maximize the perspective effect, is one of the display equipment with the highest clarity and the best perspective effect. The ice screen has a novel and unique display effect. When the audience stands at an ideal distance to watch, the screen is like floating on the glass, and does not affect the original lighting function of the glass.

How much is the ice screen per square meter? Detailed explanation of price structure:

1: the price of LED ice screen covers more than 60% of the total investment of the project. The LED screen is composed of module, power supply, box and power line.

2: the control system adopts C5 model of cloud intelligence technology. The main control box sends signals to each screen to make each pixel controlled: * DVI output, RJ45 / optical fiber connection interface; * gigabit network card, DVI transmission; * 2 output port, supporting maximum resolution: 1024 * 1280. * & nbsp; standard main control box and mini main control box

3. The most basic accessories are: computer (desktop computer), power distribution cabinet, audio power amplifier (optional), video processor (optional), etc.

4. The main function of air case is more convenient packing and transportation: * Size: 1.015m long, 0.52M high, 0.88M wide * volume: 10 pieces

How much is the ice screen per square meter? The detailed price is useless. It’s mainly because the price gap between the manufacturer and the dealer is too big. There is also a gap in the after-sales maintenance. What’s more, the model and material you choose are different. About ice screen charging standards or need to find LED display manufacturers to understand the situation, here recommended LED display factory, can consult: 18038141365, see your demand, give you a final quotation!

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