Led glass road screen is equipped with amazing LED transparent screen

The common control methods of LED interactive floor tile screen include offline control mode, Ethernet online control mode and wireless distributed control mode. We provide different control modes according to different needs of users. Users can control the floor tile screen into the interactive mode of different patterns by using software. For example, people walk through the glass shattering effect, flower opening effect, water ripple when walking, catching fish, sweeping leaves, playing football and playing some small interactive games. Let the audience really participate in the interactive game, in order to attract more people flow, so as to achieve a certain conversion rate and income.

transparent led wall

Usually, the broken glass effect is common in the glass plank path, which is very simple to achieve. The broken glass under the toughened glass is not only a piece of glass, but also a transparent LED display screen. In technology, we need to use the developed induction radar and cooperate with special software. When people enter the sensing area, the radar sends out instructions, and the special effect will be triggered to play the broken glass picture and even audio 。

Some people say that the effect of glass fragmentation is too lifelike, which will frighten tourists out of heart disease or cause other diseases. In fact, the scenic spot will set up a prompt at the position of the high simulation glass broken floor tile screen to remind tourists to pay attention to the effect of simulated glass fragmentation in front, so tourists need not worry too much. Tourists can choose whether to “take risks” or challenge psychological limits according to their physical conditions and psychological endurance.

Some people say that after the glass fragmentation effect is set up in the scenic area, if the glass plank road is really broken, tourists will mistakenly think that it is the special effect made by the scenic area, thus leading to some dangerous accidents. In fact, the scenic spot will regularly check whether there is any damage to the glass trestle. Once the glass is found to be broken, the scenic spot will be closed to replace the glass, and it will not continue to open until the safety inspection is passed, so as to avoid the glass breakage that tourists worry about.

Since the rise of glass plank road in scenic area, the glass fragmentation effect of LED transparent screen with interactive effect has been widely favored by scenic spots, and it is also a “magic weapon” to attract tourists. The scenic spot should also take all protective measures accordingly, so tourists don’t have to worry too much about the safety accidents caused by the broken glass effect.

Led glass plank road screen and led transparent screen are one of the LED display screens. In fact, led time tunnel screen and led interactive floor tile screen can also be equipped in the scenic area, so that people can travel through time and space, and can interact with each other on the ground. Equipped with these two kinds of LED displays, we can create famous scenic spots for the scenic spot. Details can be consulted: 18038141365, let customer service negotiate with you!

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