Led wall classification and characteristics of LED large screen

With the rapid development of LED display screen, large screen system is becoming more and more popular, especially for large parties, concerts and so on.

The demand for large screens is gradually increasing. But in terms of structure, Large screen also has many kinds of classification, are you clear

Today, I’d like to introduce it to you.

The first type is the DLP large screen

DLP large screen wall splicing system. The principle is that the cold light source emitted by UHP bulb is passed through the condensing lens and the light is evenly distributed through rod

Homogenization: the processed light passes through a color wheel to divide the light into RGB tricolor (or more colors such as RGBW),

Then the color is projected onto the DMD chip by the lens, and finally the reflection is imaged on the projection screen through the projection lens.

The second one is the plasma large screen because of its ultra-thin body, large display area and excellent display performance in a variety of environments, the plasma display has become one of the most important types of plasma display.

At present, the most advanced plasma large screen splicing display equipment. The core component of plasma display is plasma screen, which is combined with BSV liquid crystal.

The difference is that it has some pixels, each pixel unit is composed of red, green and blue pixels, and the inner surface of the outer screen is luminous.

The phosphor is similar to the phosphor in CRT picture tube, which can provide vivid and rich colors.

Very short response time and very wide viewing angle. Each pixel unit is controlled by a separate electrode, and the video signal is transformed.

After that, the electrodes respond, and each pixel can produce more than 16.7 million colors through the combination of three primary colors and different brightness Color.

The multi variable large screen function: single screen split display, single screen separate display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD.

Mosaic screen, vertical screen display, image frame can be compensated or covered, support digital signal roaming, zooming and stretching, cross screen display.

The setting and operation of display plan, real-time processing of Full HD signal.

the fourth type, LED large screen.

LED screen is a new type of imaging electronic equipment made of light-emitting diodes in order. Because of its high brightness and visual angle

With the characteristics of wide range and long life, it is widely used in outdoor large screen and other products.

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