How to deal with high temperature led display in summer?

First: choose high-quality LED display screen

LED display screen is composed of mask, circuit board and bottom shell. Waterproof glue used for fireproof and moisture-proof LED display screen is also led display screen’s Important components. Therefore, the selection of better quality display products, starting from high-quality raw materials.

the mask and bottom shell of LED display screen shall be made of PC glass fiber material with flame retardant function which has passed the quality verification. And the circuit board Black three proofing paint to prevent weathering, corrosion and other issues.

second: to solve the problem of heat dissipation

the larger the area of LED display, the greater the power consumption and the more obvious heating. In addition, the summer sun is violent and the external temperature is high, It is difficult to dissipate heat.

in order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, it is necessary to adjust the external design and internal structure of LED display screen, and adopt hollow design with high density

Precision design circuit board, hollow design, ventilation and light transmission, so that without sacrificing brightness and contrast, wind load can be reduced

Reduce fixed installation cost and improve product stability.

third: installation specification

LED display belongs to high-power electrical appliances and is prone to short circuit. But the real quality of LED display screen from wire to structure

Short circuit should be avoided. However, in the installation process, a little carelessness and negligence may cause unexpected danger.

To ensure safety, LED display manufacturers need to guide the whole process of installation to ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected and the circuit connection is firm.


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