Details for the installation of LED full color display screen

Before the LED display screen is installed, in addition to checking the correctness of the connection, that is, checking the positive connection between the strong current part and the signal connection.

In addition to accuracy, check the integrity of computer software installation, including the installation of graphics card and control software. But many LED display manufacturers are in

When installing the LED display screen, it only checked the wiring problem, but ignored some other problems. After years of summary, installing the LED display screen

We should pay attention to the following problems:

1. Follow the operation steps in the user’s manual;

2. The power supply should meet the requirements. The power supply voltage of LED display screen: 220V ± 10%

Frequency: 50 Hz ± 5%

safe ground contact, reliable isolation between ground wire and zero line, and access to power supply far away from high-power electrical equipment. The ambient temperature of LED should be less than or equal to 60 degrees; 4. Moisture proof, humidity requirements: the maximum working temperature, LED display screen should be less than the relative humidity of 92%.

outdoor indoor LED display technology requirements brightness is an important indicator of LED display, LED display brightness mainly depends on the LED light

Intensity and arrangement density of LED on LED display. According to the standard SJ / t11141-2003 of the Ministry of information industry, the brightness is defined as the luminous intensity per unit area of LED display. The angle of view is the direction of observation

When the brightness drops to half of the brightness in the normal direction of the LED display screen, the angle between the two observation directions and the normal direction on the same plane is divided into horizontal

Perspective and vertical perspective. The display colors of

have single primary color, double primary color and full color, and the use environment has two types: indoor LED display screen and outdoor LED display screen,

There are also differences in the selection and requirements of parameters. The brightness of indoor full-color LED display screen should be more than 800cd / m2, and the brightness of outdoor LED display screen should be above 800 CD / m2

Only 5000cd / m2 can ensure the normal image brightness when the display screen works.

The use of current expansion layer technology and technology stability and maturity, so that the LED luminous efficiency has been greatly improved. At present, most of the outdoor full-color LED displays can have a horizontal viewing angle greater than 120 degrees and a vertical viewing angle greater than 50 degrees

When the white balance brightness of color LED display is more than 7500cd / m2 and the pixel spacing is 20 mm, the white balance brightness of full-color LED display can reach 6000 CD / m2

Above, the display can work all day in any environment.

LED display can be used in different occasions, so there are extremely strict installation requirements for LED display screen. The main safety indicators specified in the standard are

Grounding, earth leakage current, electrical strength, temperature rise four indicators. The installation requirements of outdoor full-color LED display screen are higher than that of indoor full-color LED display screen,

The requirements of indoor LED display screen for environmental adaptability are low, while that for outdoor LED display screen is much higher. The installation of

full color LED display screen should be installed under the guidance of professional engineers and operated in strict accordance with the field environment requirements of outdoor and indoor full-color LED display,

Prevent the screen from accidental damage, and ensure the property safety and use interests of customers.

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