three roadblocks for the development of LED full color video display

The development scale of LED full-color display screen is becoming larger and larger, and more and more led wall manufacturers have joined the LED product army, but do not know the majority of LED products

Have friends found the development obstacles of LED products? Today, I’d like to give you a brief introduction to the problems that may be encountered in the development of three LEDs.

roadblock 1: low profit and high investment

under the pressure of power shortage and high operating cost, the profit and added value of LED large screen almost fell to the freezing point. Coupled with national energy conservation and emission reduction, green culture

Ming’s call makes the already difficult LED screen even worse. LED large screen needs to open up a “pioneer” from the standard model to the value type

To deal with the future development of outdoor advertising variables.

roadblock 2: the media value is gradually lost.

because the location of LED screen is often the “golden area” of urban prosperity, take the world trade tower, contemporary shopping mall and Haidian Theater in Beijing as examples

It is located in a busy area with more people in Beijing. Therefore, there is no problem in the early stage of investment promotion, and advertisers are very willing to launch it, so they blindly follow suit,

In the era of group buying, the number of advertisers has increased rapidly. For operators, this is what they want to see;

The more households, the more profits.

however, for advertisers, the more advertisers, it means that the less time a single advertisement will play in a limited period of time, thus affecting the

Advertising effect, it is likely that before the completion of a cycle of advertising, the audience has left, and the significance of advertising will be greatly reduced.

in view of the poor advertising effect, the rational return began in the later stage, and then preferred to choose print media rather than LED video media. Continuous flow of customers

Loss, advertising space will then oversupply, for LED large screen operators, to maintain operating costs, it is necessary to increase the price of advertising, once advertising

Price, even the remaining 30-40% of the customers also began to shake. The continuous loss of customers is not only led outdoor large screen media, but also any kind of media,

Its value is out of the question. This is why most of the LED outdoor large screen you see is in the business promotion of circular operators

The reason for advertising or public service advertising.

roadblock 3: huge energy consumption

In the heat. LED large screen in the power consumption is very large, for a long time, the traditional LED screen in energy consumption has not made a substantial breakthrough.

Under the haze of electricity shortage, how to deal with the era of LED large screen? In the outdoor media advocating “low consumption and high efficiency, beautifying greening”, high energy consumption LED large screen finally

What’s the future?

the strong power consumption makes the talk of high energy consumption LED large screen industry pale. In some areas, in order to give priority to the protection of residential electricity consumption, some areas have carried out power transfer and power restriction

measures. The traditional LED screen with 400-600 watts per square meter of power consumption, plus several kilowatts of cooling air conditioning, is on the blacklist of power rationing and blacklisting

Be “on the list.”. What’s more, from the gradual withdrawal of incandescent lamps from the market, it can be seen that high-energy consumption products will eventually be difficult to maintain in today’s low-carbon and environmental protection.

Once upon a time, incandescent lamp was in the field of lighting, but with the advent of new energy-saving products such as LED, it gradually fell out of favor and finally withdrew from the market.

At the same time, LED large screen is at the height of the sun. Maybe one day, due to the shortage of electricity and energy consumption, it will be forced to withdraw from the market

the above three points will definitely become more and more obvious in the future development of LED. As a professional LED manufacturer, we should not only think about the development of enterprises

Exhibition, also should be ready to face all kinds of problems that may affect led full-color display. I hope our friends will become bigger and bigger. [large LED display

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