LED large screen splicing video wall will change many industries

large led video wall

The technological progress of digital display and infrastructure and the decreasing cost make it possible to splice the large LED screen into a striking video wall, thus meeting the needs of enterprise hall, store advertising and broadcasting equipment.

In high profile projects such as flagship retail stores and large public spaces such as airports and railway hubs, the effect is obvious. But in fact, large video walls are also being deployed in places that may not attract media attention and discussion.

The following is a brief introduction to the use case of large screen splicing video wall signage solution, which involves narrow frame LCD display technology and small spacing LED screen.

1. Retail

In particular, clothing retail stores use a large number of monitors in their high-end stores to enhance the brand and help set the atmosphere and atmosphere of the store. Some retailers also use splice walls at entrances or other major decision points, such as at the top of stairs or escalators. In some cases, especially in consumer electronics, display technology is used throughout the shop walls, making it an active decoration.

2. Enterprises

The characteristic walls of office buildings in large enterprises began to use full-color LED display or LCD walls to show the achievements of brands or companies. In some cases, dynamic or generated data were used to make them public artworks. In the latter, real-time data (such as weather or traffic information) directly and automatically help organic digital art to change with the data. At the same time, healthcare organizations use large LCD display walls with touch function to praise and interpret the contributions of major donors.

3. Control room

Police departments, security organizations, utility companies, and other large entities that process large amounts of information – need close attention – use large LCD or small spacing LED video walls in control rooms and operation centers to monitor activities through dynamic mapping, real-time data, and video window arrays. The video wall can turn into a huge dashboard that the entire team can quickly view and react if needed.

4. Advertisement

Large format printing patterns on posters and light boxes are gradually being replaced by wall splicing technology. This shift is due to the decline in display costs, and media companies can add full dynamic graphics and videos, arrange multiple files instead of one file, and update them in minutes, even without shutting down. Moreover, audience measurement technology increasingly eliminates guesswork in the content of digital signs.

5. Broadcasting

Ultra narrow frame liquid crystal displays and small spacing LEDs are increasingly used in local and national broadcasters, replacing static backgrounds with digital versions that can change with the program, and even change themes in news and talk shows.

6. Hotel

Hotels, restaurants and cinemas use large digital walls around their facilities in various ways. A TV wall is set up behind the reception desk in large hotels to welcome guests, let them know about the hotel’s services and facilities, and provide entertainment during their waiting time for registration. Restaurants with sports and entertainment themes are moving from using a single TV hanging from the ceiling to installing giant TV walls in large rooms that can display large games or multiple games at a time.

7. Information

LED display screen factory Co., Ltd. LED large screen for decades, arrival and departure display screen has been a part of the airport, railway station, bus terminal and other large transport hub, but the digital display wall technology is currently being used to expand the existing information. In particular, airports have begun to use wide tiled displays to create variable images at check-in counters and security areas. According to the schedule, the whole day can be changed, turned on or off, and the information on the screen will also change.

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