What makes LED flexible screen so popular in the market

flexible led wall

Flexible LED display screen refers to the LED display screen which can be bent at will without being damaged. Its PCB circuit board is made of a unique flexible raw material, which is not easy to break due to bending. It is commonly used in column screen in large shopping malls and other LED display screens with various unique samples. With the rapid development trend of LED display manufacturing industry, the production technology of flexible LED display screen has already been improved. Various customized large LED screens can also be carried out by flexible LED display screen, which makes it more and more popular in the sales market. So, what’s going on to make flexible LED displays so popular in the market?

1) Flexible LED display screen is easy to bend, and can complete a variety of installation methods, such as vertical installation, suspension installation, embedded installation, hanging installation, etc., which is limited by the installation area, and has universal main use. It can complete the installation of various exquisite and creative LED display screens.

2) Flexible LED display screen has the function of anti blue light and eye protection, which can reasonably prevent the damage of high-definition blue light to the eyes, and prevent long-term response to the display screen causing visual fatigue. At this time, the blue light can not replace the function of the large-scale display screen, which can not be used to broadcast the contents of large-scale shopping malls.

3) The small interval flexible LED display screen with the resolution interval of p1.667, P2, p2.5 is more suitable for the installation in the room. Even if it is installed in the area close to everyone, it can also display the information in an ultra clear way. The refresh frequency is 3840hz, and has a high screen resolution. The interface recovery is improved. The gray value is too much, and the texture is clear.

4) Low energy consumption, super environmental protection and energy saving. The larger function loss of flexible LED display is 240W / M ~ 2, and the average function loss is 85 w / M ~ 2, which greatly reduces the power consumption loss and improves the utilization rate of power engineering. Especially for the LED display screen, ultra-low energy consumption can save a lot of water and electricity expenses every year.

5) The main use is universal. Flexible LED display can not only be used as a basic LED display, but also used in unique industries. It can also be used to make artistic and creative special-shaped screen, columnar screen, spherical screen and curved screen.

Flexible LED display is widely used, not only in China’s sales market is more popular, but also in foreign sales market. Most of the LED columnar screens in major shopping malls and special-shaped LED displays in leisure and entertainment clubs are all flexible LED displays. It is very easy to consider people’s aesthetic views in terms of beauty and flexibility, which can be used for decoration design, video advertising, cultural and art publicity planning, etc., so as to achieve the actual effect of one screen Fruit. Flexible LED display screen, in line with the pursuit of perfection and humanization, is a video display system integrated into social development, social and economic development. Whether in today or in the future, there is a great development trend of indoor space to consider the increasingly prominent personalized customization requirements.

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