Technical advantages of LED full color display screen for billboards

With the rapid development of LED display technology, LED indoor full-color display has also accelerated the pace of becoming the mainstream, so what are the reasons for this?

LED indoor full-color display is developing faster and faster, what are its characteristics? Let’s give you a detailed introduction.

1. Using the most advanced gray control technology in the world, the mosaic phenomenon of full-color LED display screen in low gray level display is completely solved, and the displayed image is displayed

Like natural transition, delicate and bright colors, fully realize the real restoration of video source.

2. The display contrast reaches 6400:1, which makes the display image hierarchical and overcomes the influence of LED full-color display caused by external brightness changes.

3, display colors can reach 281.5 trillion, fully meet the input requirements of various advanced video sources, and can display perfect and bright colors.

4. LED display supplier adopts virtual pixel display technology, which is clearer than ordinary LED display screen under the same display size

4 times higher, so that the LED display can display unparalleled fine images.

5. The driver board level gray level control technology is used to integrate the nonlinear correction function into the driver board chip, and 65536 (16bit) gray level correction is adopted

Technology, greatly improve the data transmission rate, and improve the stability of the system, drive the LED tube in the way of nonlinear correction, so that the LED display screen can adapt to people

The non-linear demand of the eye, so as to display the vivid video picture, the image is more stable.

6. Using Gigabit single network cable transmission technology and board level gray processing technology, the data transmission rate is greatly improved, and the scanning frequency of 8-scan display screen can reach

1200 Hz, eliminate the flicker of LED display screen, eliminate the fatigue of human eyes, and meet the shooting requirements of digital equipment to the maximum extent.

7. Constant current driving circuit is adopted to ensure the stability and reliability of LED light-emitting tube, meanwhile, the service life of LED light-emitting tube is extended, and the LED emission is guaranteed

The uniformity of light tube brightness.

8. The brightness and contrast of the whole LED display screen and each unit module can be adjusted independently through software on site, with memory function and protection

Verify the consistency of the whole screen brightness.

9. Point by point brightness control technology is adopted to ensure the uniformity of the whole LED display screen. After several years of operation of the display screen, the brightness of the LED light-emitting tube can be improved

It takes only two hours to restore the display to its factory uniform state.

10. The system redundancy technology can realize the bidirectional data transmission of the system scanning controller, and one of the scanning controllers is damaged or the stage connection is faulty.

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