How to expand the market for Shenzhen LED display enterprises?

In the current fierce competition atmosphere of LED display screen market. The development of Shenzhen LED display enterprises is increasingly difficult

Display led screen factories are looking for a breakthrough in the development of the industry.

then how can led display enterprises develop in order to expand the market and obtain rich benefits? In fact, it is not ugly to observe the development law of the industry carefully

A lot of enterprises develop their products in accordance with the law of innovation and development

From the perspective of the exhibition, it was very successful. What is the development history of

LED display? Let’s take a look at it: LED display from single and two-color to full-color, from outdoor to indoor, the beginning of product substitution

A main line of the development of the end industry.

we can divide product substitution into two types:

the first type is the upgrading of LED display industry’s own products. For example, the replacement of single and two-color products by LED full-color screen in the early stage of the industry is currently high

The second is the substitution of LED display screen for competitive products in other industries, such as neon lights, spray-painted advertisements, advertising light boxes and other outdoor information display media,

And LCD, DLP rear projection and other indoor display equipment.

we can see that with the efforts of the whole industry chain, the market boundary of LED display screen is constantly broken, the application scope is wider and wider, and the market space has been obtained

A huge boost.

LED display price] in 2013, LED display industry, which has developed for more than 20 years in China, is in the most difficult period. lease

After the price war in 2012, the leaseholders overdrawn the purchase plan of 2013 in advance, and the government’s one paper luxury policy let the whole market snow

In the outdoor advertising market, high-quality placement sites in first tier cities are increasingly scarce, and negative factors such as light pollution cause difficulties in approval of large screen outdoor installation.

in such a market environment, the whole industry is crying. LED display enterprises either transform lighting, or seek to take over by  parties, and even more

Some enterprises are directly eliminated by the market. What is the future of LED display enterprises?

with such a question, led small space display screen and LED advertising machine appeared. Compared with the traditional LED display screen, the LED advertising machine has the advantages of small screen area, low unit price and wide application range, which is beneficial to the improvement of enterprises

High shipping volume, digestion of excess capacity.

from the perspective of customers, LED advertising machine provides advertising operators with better display equipment than LCD screen in the small and medium-sized screen market. Led small spacing

Display screen competition threshold is high, profit is relatively rich, can effectively improve the profitability of enterprises.

for users, the emergence of LED small spacing display has broken the situation of DLP unified high-end indoor display market, which is the traditional conference and command control

The system and other users provide a new choice. It can be said that these two products broaden the use range of LED display in Shenzhen, and enterprises in the industry and other commercial use

The cross-border competition of display equipment has entered a new blue ocean space.

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