Four barriers to the development of LED display industry

With the continuous improvement of technical indicators such as dot spacing, stability, gray scale and brightness, LED displays are also in more and more fields.

It shows its unique advantages, and according to the current market development, LED display will still maintain a strong growth space for a long time

There will be problems in the development of all industries.

1. technical barriers

LED display screen and lighting industry as a high-tech industry, involving optics, heat, material science, electronics, computer, software, automation, machinery

Mechanical engineering, decorative art and other disciplines, and the above disciplines need to be applied comprehensively and systematically, with high technical barriers.

at the same time, due to the customized and personalized production of LED products, the technical requirements for production process, quality control level and stability are high.

Problems in any link of production may affect the quality, life and performance of products.

2. Capital barrier

LED display screen and lighting industry is a capital intensive industry. Small enterprises with low degree of automation can not guarantee product quality and capacity, so they can only

In the low-end market to carry out pure price competition. In the current market environment, we must invest in advanced machinery and equipment if we want to take part in bidding and undertake large-scale projects,

Improve production capacity and technical level. In addition, the general production mode of the industry is production plus engineering installation, which leads to long capital return period and low asset turnover efficiency

3. Market and brand barriers

entering LED display and lighting industry needs to face a series of market and brand barriers. First of all, LED display and other major projects on the production of enterprises

The requirements of qualification, scale and other strength are very high. Manufacturers with brand awareness and successful cases of large-scale projects are more likely to obtain orders.

It is difficult for general enterprises without successful cases of large-scale projects and famous brands to participate in the market competition of mainstream


Brand enterprises have strong technology, advanced equipment, rich project experience, perfect after-sales service system and good reputation

The project sample screen is persuasive, so as to win customers.

4. Talents and experience barriers

LED display screen and lighting industry involves the comprehensive application of many technical disciplines, and its production and manufacturing technology integrates semiconductor photoelectric technology and electronic circuit technology

Technology, integrated circuit technology, information image processing technology, information transmission technology, computer network technology, electronic product manufacturing technology, installation engineering technology

The manufacturing process is complex and delicate, including a series of technological processes and control technologies. Therefore, it is necessary to have a group of professional knowledge and experience in optics, semiconductor, electronics, materials, chemical industry, automation control and other fields.

LED products are applied in many industries and fields, and it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the personalized needs of each application field in order to form a set of mature industry applications

Use solution architecture. In addition, talents with industry management and marketing experience are also indispensable. The technical team, management and marketing team must be trained for a long time.

Accumulation and integration can form an organic system, so talents and experience constitute an important barrier for the latecomers of LED display and lighting industry.

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