New amusement park project – led interactive dance floor screen

Now the LED interactive dance floor screen is gradually rising. It is also an interactive special effect, and it will also become a net red game project. The success of LED glass plank road special effect screen can be copied! Do you want to miss it? In the past, led glass trestle effect screen can only be installed in scenic spots. Now, led interactive floor tile screen has more scenes, which can be installed not only in scenic spots, but also in amusement parks, shopping malls, bars, KTV, science and Technology Museum, etc! Places with a large number of people can be used to make money and attract consumers! Kill two birds with one stone! The future is clear without saying it!

interactive dance floor

As a new type of stage display equipment, led interactive floor tile screen is widely used in hotel bar wedding large concert theme park. Its appearance is exquisite and high-grade, and its design is scientific. It uses high-quality aluminum alloy, advanced electronic ceramics and other materials for heat conduction and heat dissipation. It takes new digital technology as the core, adopts microcomputer full digital processing and advanced circuit protection Equipment, widely used in building, curtain wall, community, commercial square, bridge, highway and other building lighting; landscape decoration lighting of cultural landscape, garden, tourist attractions; bar, KTV, product release, T-stage show, stage performance, evening party, concert decoration, advertising, media decoration and other commercial lighting.

Led interactive floor tile screen is only one of the LED display screen products, but also more popular led time tunnel screen, let people shuttle in the space-time tunnel, can also be in the sea. Details can be consulted LED display manufacturers led display factory.

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