The four advantages of LED display advertising video wall

The four advantages of indoor outdoor LED display:

1. National industrial policy supports as it is green led video wall.

a number of industrial policies proposed by the State Council, the Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the local government have promoted the development of LED industry and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

To an important role. Under the background of industrial policy support, the industrial scale is expanding day by day and the industrial chain is becoming more and more complete, which improves the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry and participates in international competition

Good conditions have been created and a number of backbone enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness are expected to emerge in China.

With products, widely used in landscape decoration lighting, large screen display, traffic lights, home appliances digital display and indicator lights, car lights, mobile phones, digital phase Computer, LCD TV backlight and other fields. With the development of technology, led also has new application directions, such as aerospace, medical, agricultural and other fields. Stable market share of LED Applications.

The rapid growth and emerging application fields have created a good market space for the development of LED industry. In the future, China will speed up the construction of affordable housing projects, rural infrastructure construction and railway

The scale of investment will be greatly increased in the construction of major infrastructure such as roads, highways and airports, and the acceleration of post disaster reconstruction in earthquake stricken areas.

these major investments will generate a large demand for various LED application products, including display screen, special lighting, general lighting, landscape lighting, etc

3. With the continuous progress of industry technology and the decrease of cost, the industry demand will be boosted. At present, due to the cost of core devices such as middle and upper reaches of LED, the price of high-end LED display products is relatively high, which forms a large-scale promotion of display application products

However, with the progress of technology and the decrease of cost, the breadth and depth of market demand will be further expanded, and the market substitution effect will be achieved

It will be released to a greater extent. The positive interaction between the upstream and downstream of LED industry chain will realize benign interaction, new products and new technologies will be popularized and applied rapidly, indicating that the market of application industry will be further refined

The market capacity of the whole industry will be further improved.

4. The downstream industry standards have been constantly improved and standardized development has become the direction.

with the application range of LED display products becoming more and more extensive, its downstream application fields such as outdoor advertising, stadiums and so on have been gradually established

For example, Beijing and Nanjing have successively formulated the “Beijing electronic display screen setting specification” and “Nanjing outdoor electronic display screen management regulation”

The General Administration of sports has also promulgated the requirements and inspection methods for the use of sports facilities (Part 1 LED display). In addition, the Ministry of railways, the Ministry of communications and the Ministry of public security have also established relevant standards for LED display application products. The establishment of the above industry standards and specifications,

It will help to promote the orderly and standardized development of LED display industry.

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