Why must full color LED display screen use video processor

It is no exaggeration to say that the advantages and disadvantages of video processor directly determine the display effect of full-color LED display. Today, I’d like to take you to know more about this problem

&Noise suppression

Due to the lattice characteristics of full-color LED display screen, the negligible noise in other flat panel display media will greatly challenge the psychological endurance of LED display screen audience. The noise mainly comes from the compression noise of video signal and the random noise of the system itself. Excellent video processor can greatly reduce the interference of noise on image quality by suppressing noise.

Motion compensation

Motion compensation for slow and fast images. Good motion compensation technology can reduce the jagged edge of moving image in full color LED display.

De interlacing

In order to reduce the bandwidth of video signal, interleaving technology must be used to improve the resolution. Full color screen needs preprocessing of interlaced scanning signal. The interlacing is well handled and the trace effect of live broadcast and shooting is eliminated.


Full color screen is a flexible display product among all flat panel display media, which is usually used for modular design and mosaic display. But the disadvantage of this product is that it may not be as flexible, especially because the display resolution of each engineering application is difficult to find in the standard. Therefore, video processors in particular need to provide scalability.

Image pixel reduction

The pixel resolution of general display screen engineering application is less than 1024 * 768). The video processor is required to reduce each signal to the resolution of the corresponding terminal, and the video processing equipment is required to have the function of pixel by pixel scaling.

Image pixel magnification

Because more and more engineering applications are developing rapidly, the full-color LED display screen is no longer limited to the traditional solutions and solutions. Some engineering applications even reach the level of 2048 points. In these applications, the image amplification processing technology of video processor is also needed, and the internal processing bandwidth of video processor can reach or exceed the dot matrix area of typical applications.

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