Which kind of round LED display screen is better?

LED display market is showing great changes, from fixed LED display to mobile rental LED display, and then to the current LED special-shaped screen. More and more places to install, now many bar owners like to install round LED display, supermarkets are mostly square LED display, in addition to the traditional information display and other functions, the appearance requirements are also further improved to make it better adapt to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment. So what kind of round LED display screen is better?

Led special-shaped display screen is a special shape LED display screen transformed on the basis of LED display screen, which makes the new product better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. Its size and size can be customized according to the requirements.

Led special-shaped display screen

Size can be customized, shape arbitrary composition, unique design is widely used in various fields. One of them is naked eye 3D effect, which can be directly viewed with naked eyes. It has a strong three-dimensional sense and is used in bar KTV.

Bar is the representative term of the night. It adds a great way of Yu music after tea. Try to imagine how boring life will be if you don’t have Yu music at night and eat and sleep after work! It is also because of this, the night Yu music is deeply attracted to people. Shenzhen Weifeng technology’s LED special-shaped screen, eye wrapped 3D led DJ table, led spherical screen, led creative screen add color to the night bar!

If you want to have a deeper understanding of the “project budget”, “how to construct” and “model selection” of bar led irregular display screen and naked eye 3D led DJ screen, you should know the bar full color LED electronic display screen purchase guide:

Generally speaking, most of the bar displays now have led stage background screen, naked eye 3D led DJ screen, bar display screen, creative LED display screen, and screens of various shapes made of conventional modules.

1. First of all, the LED stage background screen can be spliced into square LED display screen, triangle LED display screen, Maipu luster trapezoidal LED display screen, circular LED display screen and wavy LED display screen according to the shape of the module. Naked eye 3D led background wall.

2. Secondly, according to the size of the site and the shape of the decoration on the wall, the auxiliary wall led display screen can be combined into scattered full-color LED display screen, hexagonal LED display screen, circular field led full-color electronic screen, etc. As shown in the figure:

3. If there are columns in the bar, the LED display module can be used to splice into cylindrical LED display, circular LED display, horn shaped LED display, etc.

4. Bar ceiling can also use LED full-color screen for articles. Such as hanging some 3-sided LED ring, sky curtain.

5. Bar naked eye 3D led DJ screen has successfully replaced 3D projection DJ platform. According to the 3D material to create a unique, dynamic DJ platform.

Generally speaking, the bar designer only needs to provide the effect video or drawing, or the bar venue design drawing, our company’s business personnel can calculate the good screen size and modeling drawings, and then get the project budget.

However, due to the upgrading of technology and the cost reduction of raw materials, more and more customers choose small spacing models, such as P3, p2.5, and even consider p2.5. In terms of market demand response, P4 and P5 have become the mainstream of the market, and are widely used in bar indoor full-color display.

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