What auxiliary equipment are needed for LED display in hotel banquet hall?

LED display can be said to be the standard configuration of the hotel, so what auxiliary equipment do we need to install in the hotel banquet hall LED display? Now let’s follow the editor of Shenzhen¬† Technology Co., Ltd

What equipment is required for LED display in hotel banquet hall? Usually fixed on the wall of the hotel banquet hall LED display consists of the following parts: unit board, starting power supply, sending card, receiving card, internal connecting power line, signal cable, network cable, fixed frame and edge wrapping material.

hotel led video wall

Among them, LED unit board and control system card are the most important, their quality directly affects the display effect.

The hotel indoor LED display screen is customized according to the model and size required by users. The size and area are large and small, in addition to many types and models, resulting in the resolution of the whole screen, power consumption is not the same, peripheral auxiliary equipment is not the same.

The technical parameters are mainly reflected in the unit board, and the device configuration on the unit board is the core value. The main components are: LED light-emitting chip, packaging technology, IC driver chip, PCB circuit board, module kit, mask, signal flat line, power line, plus power supply, control card, magnet, screw, etc.

The main technical parameters are: resolution, white balance brightness, power consumption, scanning mode, viewing angle, refresh frequency, gray / color, flatness, out of control rate, contrast, service life, protection level.

Material requirements: PCB thickness, generally 1.6mm thickness: Material: FR-4 fiberglass board, some manufacturers may use FR-2 paper substrate in order to reduce costs: copper foil thickness has a significant effect on PCB heat dissipation and circuit stability. The normal copper foil thickness is 35um (1oz), while some manufacturers will use 18um (0.5oz) copper foil thickness As a consumer, how to distinguish it? You can distinguish an empty PCB by its weight. Under normal circumstances, the heavier the PCB is, the better.

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