Standard grounding method for LED display? LED display manufacturer

Some customers often use the wrong grounding method to ground the LED display screen. The common ones are: 1. The lower end of the column of outdoor column structure is connected with the earth, so it is not necessary to do the grounding of the display screen; 2. It is considered that the power supply is locked on the box, and the boxes are connected with each other with lock locks and structures, so the structure grounding means that the power supply is also grounded.

&There are misunderstandings in these two kinds of practices. Our column is connected with the foundation bolt of the foundation, and the anchor bolt is embedded in the concrete. The resistance of the concrete is in the range of 100-500 Ω. If the grounding resistance is too high, the leakage current will not be discharged timely or there will be residual. The surface of our box is sprayed with paint, and the paint is a poor conductor of electricity, which will lead to poor contact or increase of grounding resistance of the box connection, which may cause the interference of the screen signal by electric spark. With the passage of time, the box or structure surface will appear oxidation and corrosion, and the screws and other fasteners will gradually loosen with the change of temperature difference. It will cause the effect of structure grounding to be weakened or even completely invalid. It is a potential safety hazard. It leads to leakage current electric shock, chip interference damage and other safety accidents.

&What should be the standard grounding? As shown in the figure below: the power input terminal has three wiring terminals, which are the live wire terminal, the zero line terminal and the grounding terminal. The correct grounding method is to use the special yellow and green double color wire to connect and lock all the power ground wire terminals in series, and then lead out to connect to the ground terminal. &If there is no grounding terminal on the site, it can be connected to the iron water pipe or iron sewer pipe buried and in good contact with the earth. In order to ensure good contact, the terminal block should be welded on such natural grounding body, and then the ground wire should be tightly locked on the terminal block, and no binding connection is allowed. However, gas and other flammable and explosive pipes shall not be used. Or lay grounding body on site. The grounding body can adopt angle steel or steel pipe, which can be buried in the ground horizontally or vertically as a simple grounding point. The grounding point should be located in a remote place to prevent pedestrians or vehicles from damaging the grounding body.

&When we are grounded, the grounding resistance must be less than 4 ohm to ensure the timely discharge of leakage current. It should be noted that when the lightning protection grounding terminal discharges the lightning current, due to the diffusion of the earth current, the ground potential will rise in a short time. If the LED display screen is grounded to the lightning protection grounding end, the ground potential is higher than that of the display screen, and the lightning current will be transmitted along the ground wire to the screen, causing equipment damage. Therefore, the protective grounding of LED display screen shall not be connected to the lightning protection grounding end, which must be more than 20 meters away from the lightning protection grounding end. Prevent the counterattack of ground potential. &Led grounding precautions summary: 1. Each power supply must be grounded from the grounding terminal and locked; 2. The grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 Ω; 3. The ground wire shall be a dedicated conductor, and it is strictly prohibited to connect with the zero line; 4. No air switch or fuse shall be installed on the ground wire; 5. Ground wire and grounding terminal should be more than 20 away from lightning protection grounding terminal;

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