Led transparent screen can help physical stores improve passenger flow

The LED transparent screen is no stranger in our life. How does the LED transparent screen help the physical store to improve the passenger flow? Let’s talk about it today.

Led transparent screen, also known as transparent LED display, ice screen, is an extension of LED display. It is usually used in combination with glass or can be used independently. It seems that led transparent screen was born for the display window of physical stores. The gold jewelry industry first used LED transparent screen. The decoration of gold jewelry stores is magnificent, very tall, and usually has window glass, so that customers outside the store can see the exhibits and the situation in the store when passing by. The LED transparent screen can not only play multimedia advertising content, but also basically does not hinder the line of sight ! The LED transparent screen and the gold jewelry store just like this.

Led transparent screen is not only in gold jewelry stores, but also in clothing stores, jewelry stores, hotpot stores, mobile phone stores, etc. if you have window glass, you can try led transparent screen. It can not only not affect the view of the store, but also play multimedia advertising, which can greatly improve the rate of entering the store!

Generally speaking, for the major businesses and places, the LED transparent screen is very good. It can not only coordinate the store’s outdoor publicity activities and interior customers’ aesthetic needs, but also meet the advertising needs and further ehance te aesthetic quality of large shopping malls while ensuring the visual effect; While the glass guardrails on shopping malls and flyovers can maintain the original beauty, they can further explore the advertising value. Bank chains and government units can publicize anti fraud awareness and holiday information to the masses through transparent windows Regardless of the size of merchants, led transparent screen development can bring them new business opportunities and explore a new world.

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