LED display screen poor heat dissipation, the consequences are unimaginable

If the LED display screen is in high temperature for a long time without heat dissipation, it is easy to cause a fire. Shenzhen LED display manufacturer introduces how to prevent it in the bud. The following are the examples of accidents caused by high temperature of LED display screen. According to the introduction of the LED display screen in the Baiyun Airport, a fire broke out on the outside of the Baiyun Airport at 10:00 a.m. on February 27, 2013, a LED display screen on the outside of the Baiyun Airport broke out at 10:00 a.m., and a fire broke out on the outside of the airport. At present, no casualties have been reported.

on December 16, 2011, a fire broke out in Xizhimen shopping center in Beijing, which was caused by improper construction of LED screen. At the end of the same month, LED display screen of traffic building in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province also suddenly caught fire. Fortunately, no casualties were caused in the two accidents.

at the 2010 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival, a fire broke out on the main LED screen hanging outside the new Guangzhou Library and facing Huacheng square, and the fire was rapidly rising. Although firefighters arrived to put out the fire within minutes, the whole screen had been destroyed and the outer wall of the new library was also blackened.

these cases all show that high temperature is easy to cause fire accidents, so the heat dissipation of LED display screen has become the top priority, which needs to be prevented before it happens. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable. How can the LED display screen heat dissipation. The heat exchange area between the heating electronic parts and the cold air, and the temperature difference between the heating electronic parts and the cold air directly affect the heat dissipation effect. The design of LED air duct involves the size of the air duct. In the design of ventilation duct, the straight pipe should be used to convey air as far as possible, and sharp turning and bending pipe should be avoided. Sudden expansion or contraction of ventilation ducts shall be avoided. The expansion angle should not exceed 20O, and the contracted cone angle should not be greater than 60o. Ventilation ducts shall be sealed as far as possible, and all laps shall be in the direction of flow.
2, LED display heat dissipation
LED display box design, there are several points to note:
1, air inlet should be set at the bottom of the box, but not too low, to avoid dirt and water into the LED display box installed on the ground. A 6032 2 2. The exhaust hole should be set near the upper side of the box. A 6032 3. The air should circulate from the bottom to the top of the box, and special air inlet or exhaust hole should be used. A 6032 4. Cooling air should be allowed to flow through the heated electronic parts, and the short circuit of air flow should be prevented at the same time.

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