LED display screen manufacturer casting brand with quality

In recent years, the price of LED display screen is becoming more and more popular, and its application is penetrating into the commercial and civil fields. The market needs to rely on continuous large-scale driving growth. LED display manufacturers have always insisted on quality first, casting brand with quality, and making a market with quality.

only good quality can guarantee effective service. It is often said that “safety has no trivial matter”. In fact, for the LED display screen industry, safety is no small matter, and small things are important things. In recent years, due to various reasons, the safety accidents of display screen occur frequently, which causes the industry to think deeply. Whenever the LED display screen accident occurs, it is a warning to the LED display industry. Although we always say that the production technology of LED display industry has entered the mature stage, should we pay more attention to the basic product quality problems while improving the technology? If every time we go to the industrial product quality inspection, we are repeatedly found out that the LED display products are unqualified, and the accidents are one after another, and the LED display industry has repeatedly made “headlines” due to negative reports, what is the face of led enterprises? 1. The spirit of contract: consolidate the brand with integrity.
in the process of made in China, created in China and made in China, the key first step is from made in China to created in China. The sign of China’s creation is the formation of a large number of localized independent brands, but at present, the ownership rate of China’s independent brands is only about 25%. For a long time, China’s manufacturing enterprises have a strong dependence on foreign technologies and patents, and have the thinking inertia of “bringing in” brand, which leads to the lack of energy for independent brand innovation and the habit of technology imitation. In order to solve the similar problems, on the one hand, we should encourage manufacturing enterprises to firmly establish the concept of independent brand; on the other hand, we should strive to overcome the demand side’s mentality of worshipping foreign countries. The premise of brand independence is to advocate the spirit of contract.

conclusion: making products depends on quality. To win by quality, let the service more in place, good quality to convince consumers. Product innovation is not the most important, the basic product quality to control, do not pit consumers, do not smear the LED display industry. Also led display industry a clear sky.

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