LED display is an irreplaceable modern advertising media for videos.

Nowadays, LED display is irreplaceable! In all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the most old media. LED display screen also has the characteristics of high useful arrival rate, compared with the investment mode of TV, newspaper and other media, the quotation is lower. These common values make the media of full-color LED display screen become the new upstart of outdoor media.

such as the CBD center area of New York Times Square in the United States and the dense LED display manufacturers in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

It is not only the function of advertising and promotion, but also the symbol of the identity of the world-famous large companies – companies with a dominant position in the industry can

The companies that broadcast ads here, together with the companies that broadcast ads here, have made people feel the global position of its brand.

LED display screen is a new type of information display media developed rapidly in the world in the 1990s, which connects with modern high-tech,

It has a series of advantages, such as energy saving, environmental protection, bright colors, dynamic pictures and text, and wide visual scale.

outdoor LED screen advertising has large screen area, shocking visual effect, and can fully attract the audience’s attention. It is a brand new media and high-tech Contact. These changes cast the common and irreplaceable value of outdoor advertising media.

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