choose LED display screen or LCD splicing screen for live broadcast?

find out Better display products, such as from mobile phone to iPad, from iPad to TV, from TV to LCD, from LCD to LCD, from LCD to LED display, from small size display to large size display. So, is it better to choose LED display screen or LCD splicing screen?

led large screen

There is an LED display screen behind Viva’s live studio, which is mainly to introduce the products to you, so that you can see the products more clearly and intuitively. In large screen display products, LED display and LCD splicing screen are known as the two mainstream display products. However, because they can achieve the effect of large screen display and have certain application overlap, many users often do not know which one to choose. Of course, if it is used outdoors, it can be directly considered as LED display, because LCD splicing screen does not have waterproof function and can only be used indoors. But in some indoor occasions, you can use LCD splicing screen or LED display screen, such as advertising, information release, command and dispatch, how to choose?

1、 According to the overall budget

The cost of using different products will certainly not be the same, but if we compare the two products of LED display screen and LCD splicing screen, we can’t calculate them equally, because the price determinant of LED display screen is the size of dot spacing. The smaller the dot spacing is, the higher the price is. For example, if P3 screen is used, its per square meter will be several thousand yuan, and if P1.5 is used, the price will be higher About 30000 per square meter.

&The price of LCD splicing screen is calculated according to the size and seam size. Basically, the bigger the size is, the smaller the seam is, the higher the price is. For example, the price of 55 inch 3.5 mm is several thousand yuan, and if it is 0.88 mm, it will be 30% higher.

But relatively speaking, the price of LCD splicing screen will be more advantageous. After all, the production capacity of the whole global LCD panel market is very sufficient, and the price is going down year by year.

2、 According to the viewing distance

&The LED display is more suitable for remote viewing, and the LCD splicing screen is more suitable for close viewing. The reason is that the resolution of LED display screen is low. If there are obvious pixels on the screen during close viewing, the feeling is not clear. If it is LCD splicing screen, there is no such problem. And if you look at it from a distance, the worry about that resolution is no longer there.

3、 Requirements for display effect

The advantage of LED display screen is that there is no seam, so it is more suitable for whole screen display, such as playing some videos and promotional films. Its advantages can be fully displayed, but its color richness is not as rich as LCD splicing screen, which is why the home TV is LCD TV.

At the same time, LCD LCD splicing screen is also suitable for long-term viewing, because its brightness is lower than LED display, and it is not dazzling to watch. The LED display screen will be very dazzling because it is too bright.

4、 Depending on the application

&If it is in the monitoring room, small and medium-sized conference room, enterprise exhibition hall and other occasions, we recommend using LCD splicing screen, because its technical characteristics are more suitable for these occasions. If it is used for information publicity and press conference, LED display screen can be used, and if it is command and dispatching center, both can be considered. It is just that LCD splicing screen has stronger decoding ability and LED display screen is more complete, both have advantages.

The choice of LED or LCD screen for webcast should be based on the actual needs, and the comparison between them should be done well, especially in terms of service life and clarity. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to replace later and waste manpower and material resources. With a good budget, of course, choosing a small spacing LED display is the best plan.

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