application scenarios of mobile full color LED display?

As the name implies, the mobile full-color LED display screen can be installed conveniently and quickly according to the actual situation,  The mobile LED display has the following characteristics:

1. Light weight: the weight is only 7kg, which can be carried by one person, so it is very easy to install; 2. The ultra-thin box is made of die-casting aluminum, with high strength, strong toughness, high precision, and not easy to deform, which saves labor for transportation; 3. High precision – the size is processed by CNC machining center, and the accuracy is accurate to 0.1mm;

4. Shift – wheel type, convenient for moving position, rotation direction and transportation;

5. Compatibility – brand new structural design, meeting the requirements of hoisting and stacking, and indoor and outdoor requirements; 6. Fast – the box is connected up and down, left and right with fast locking mechanism, and the installation of a box can be completed in 10 seconds, with high installation accuracy; 7. Reliability – high strength and hardness, good heat dissipation effect; 8. Cost: the box is light in weight and requires low installation cost; the power consumption of the box is low, which saves the operation cost and reduces the labor cost.

mobile led wall


According to the characteristics of different products, the application scenarios are different. Let’s briefly analyze the application scenarios of mobile full-color LED display screen?

First, traffic scene    During the construction and maintenance of expressways, the competent departments or construction personnel of expressways will temporarily close the lanes or change lanes, and install the products on towed motor vehicles, which can be placed on the target site for direct display at any time. 2. In order to ensure the highway construction workers, vehicles and other vehicles in normal operation, eye-catching high brightness signs shall be installed to warn and guide subsequent vehicles to avoid accidents. 3. The LED display screen installed in toll station area and service area, which provides various services and publicity, timely provides all kinds of information such as real-time road conditions and service assistance for the drivers and passengers passing by, so as to facilitate the travel of drivers and passengers, and improve the management level and external image of the road section. 4. Release and guidance of urban traffic information to remind drivers of current road condition information, such as construction ahead, accident location, strong wind, thick fog and other warning slogans; so that drivers can better grasp the current road conditions, avoid traffic congestion and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Second, the performance scene   Mobile LED display screen is widely used in stage rental, song and dance evening party, various press conferences, stadium, theater, auditorium, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, deduction hall, disco, nightclub, high-end entertainment disco, etc. smart led rental screen has been widely used in TV Spring Festival Gala, auto show, important cultural activities in various provinces and cities.

Third, the exhibition hall scene  Various exhibition halls, science and technology museums, exhibitions, auditorium, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, interpretation hall, etc;

Fourth, entertainment scene   The movable creative special-shaped screen has different shapes, such as cylinder, sphere, water drop, ox horn, etc. it is suitable for disco, nightclub and high-end entertainment disco.

The above four common application scenarios are cited, and there may be more scenarios to be promoted in the actual application process. The application scenarios and fields of mobile LED display are constantly being developed, and LED display manufacturers are also constantly developing new mobile LED displays, so that the mobile LED display can be widely used in local Spring Festival Gala, auto show, important cultural activities, etc.

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