five solutions for LED display screen’s brightness level.

When the LED display screen is used, it is inevitable that there are abnormal conditions, such as unstable circuit, insufficient screen brightness, etc., sometimes it is difficult.

There will be no lighting of the unit board. Here are five ways to check the LED display cell is not bright solution.

1. The whole LED electronic screen is not on.

1. Check whether the power supply is connected to the signal line.

2. Check whether the test can identify the interface; if the test red light flickers, it is not identified. Check whether the light panel is the same as the test power supply ground, or whether the light board interface has signal

No. 1 is short circuited to ground, resulting in unrecognized interface. (Intelligent Test)

3. Detect whether 74hc245 has false soldering short circuit and whether the corresponding enable (EN) signal input and output pins on 245 are faulty soldered or short circuited to other lines.

Find the pin controlling the column on the module and test whether it is connected with the output end of driver IC (74HC595 / TB62726,,,).

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