Analysis of possible faults of LED display screens

With the advent of the information age, LED video walls has become an indispensable part of life. It can be seen everywhere, square stations everywhere. Different LED displays can be seen everywhere at any time.

it is a system engineering integrating optics, structural mechanics, electronics and computer science. According to statistics, all LEDs in China

90% of the display screen has large or small faults. Based on our years of experience, we have summed up the main attribution of these faults, namely

With these, we can control the fault from the source and improve the quality of the display screen. The 80% failure of

LED display screen is caused by the following factors: wiring harness, terminal, connector of AC power distribution, signal and low voltage

DC connection harness and connector, switching power module, fan, plastic shell assembly.

if these interfaces, cables, power supply and bottom shell are not properly selected, the LED display screen will be black or partially black, and the screen will be mosaic

G, no signal, etc. These are also very difficult to maintain the problem, so we pay attention to it in the production process, reduce the failure rate. Another 80% of the other failures are caused by the following reasons: solder joints, capacitors, terminals on PCBA, LED lights, and the protection of the box

Leakage dust accumulation caused by insufficient protection level, corrosion of hardware and hardware of external leakage screw, and control board card.

Business card printing or software problems will lead to abnormal image display.

outdoor LED display must be designed in strict accordance with the testing standards, waterproof and dustproof, wind and high temperature resistance, otherwise it is easy to appear various kinds of LED display

Failure, even the entire LED display screen scrapped.

in addition, the display operator should master the relevant basic knowledge, have good use habits, and professional maintenance personnel

It can also reduce the failure rate to a certain extent.

as long as we pay attention to the above points when using, we can generally avoid similar situations and increase the service life of products.

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