What factors cause the LED display screen phenomenon

Half of the outdoor LED display screen or flower screen is caused by the following two factors:

1. When the outdoor LED display screen is half opened, there is no display or half display

If the LED display screen is not displayed or half displayed, it is a common fault in the LED display screen, and the fault condition of the display half is also very common. It is often mainly manifested in that only a part of the content that must be displayed can be displayed, and the advertising intention and brand image of the store can not be presented in detail. Generally, there are many factors that cause the fault condition, and the factors are generally internal Due to the aging of the power supply circuit, the power supply line is cut off, some display modules can not get all normal power supply, or the LED Driver IC with poor characteristics can not work well or work abnormally, resulting in the current supply can not always be distributed. This kind of solution is similar to the previous one, and the matching switching power supply line needs to be removed to make the display inside In order to ensure the normal distribution of Ji current in each phase of the driving IC, it is necessary to ensure that all phases of the driving IC are normally distributed and the balanced and stable operation can be achieved.

2. Part of the outdoor LED display screen status

Part of the LED display screen is one of the common faults of the front door signboard LED display screen, because the customer is not a professional. Therefore, the flower screen of the front sign display screen often causes many troubles to the customers. If the fault can not be handled immediately and harms the brand image and advertising effect of the store, he feels that he has more heart than strength. This fault condition is aimed at the professional As far as personnel are concerned, it is one of the more subtle faults. The main factors are the long-term application of the display screen, the aging of internal transmission data lines or the instability of the selection of fake and inferior brands for the module board driving IC. The solution is to replace the matching aging accessories or overhaul the module board failure driving IC until the display screen returns to normal display.

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