Stunning LED display technology_ LED display industry in China

They are more or less involved in the LED display market, bringing people a new visual experience. Some of them may promote the further development of LED display industry, or bring new threats to the original LED display technology, and urge the continuous innovation of LED display technology. However, as a member of the LED display industry, we should have a new technology The positive attitude of attention and learning, constantly absorb and integrate, and promote the development of LED display industry.

ar Augmented Reality
AR is a kind of technology that can calculate the position and angle of camera image in real time, and attach the corresponding auxiliary image or virtual image through the computer, so as to display the virtual and reality at the same time, and enhance people’s sensory experience through the complementary and superposition between virtual and real.

3D holographic projection
, we often saw such pictures in science fiction movies: the hero waved his hand, and some stereoscopic images appeared in the air, or talked with the hero, or made some actions according to the master’s instructions. Today, this kind of science fiction film plot has become possible in real life, and the realization of it is “holographic projection technology”. Holographic projection technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology that records and reproduces the real three-dimensional image of an object by using the principle of interference and diffraction. The three-dimensional image is suspended in the air by holographic projection, which is a real spatial imaging. The scene is also illusory, real and beautiful, as if it brought the viewer to another world. In addition to producing three-dimensional aerial illusions, holographic projection can also allow the illusion to interact with the people around them and produce amazing performance effects.

LED display technology
as thin as paper display screen — LED display screen has attracted the attention of the industry since it was born. The display technology has the characteristics of self luminous, using very thin organic material coating and glass substrate. When there is an electric current passing through, these organic materials will emit light, and the LED display screen has a large viewing angle, and can greatly save power. At the same time, the plasticity of OLED displays has caused the recent changes in the use of displays. This is because LED displays can be produced not only from glass substrates, but also from flexible plastic materials, which will expand the use of LED displays.

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