Stage rental LED display screen assembly and installation save time


the difference between the performance stage led rental screen and the traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screen.

1、The design is different. In the whole process of performance, the LED electronic display screen accepts the training from the audience on the spot and its live broadcast. Its modeling design is more independent and bold than the traditional indoor and outdoor LED screen. The actual effect of playing video interface should be very clear. In the whole process of live broadcast, the interface appeal should be smooth, of course, so the general room P3 and P4 high-definition screens are used for internal air, and even more stringent ones will be applied to small interval p2.5 and P2, and P6 and P5 specifications will be adopted for outdoor. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screen, because the viewing distance or display information requirements are not high, P5, P4 model specifications are generally used in the room, and P10 is the largest number of outdoor applications, followed by p16.

2、 The cabinet is different. For the traditional outdoor LED display screen, the box body is waterproof solution, and the structure is relatively heavy; while in the room, the simple LED box is used; for the stage rental LED display screen, because the box is often disassembled and moved, the die-casting aluminum box is generally used.

3、 The installation method is different. For example, after a tour, the LED display screen can be disassembled and transported to another stage for construction. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screen is generally mobile installation method. After the installation position is fixed, it is not easy to move.

4、 Maintenance methods are different. In case of some common faults, the rental LED screen can carry out the maintenance work of some modules. In the whole process of the performance, the damaged modules can be quickly replaced to ensure the normal development of the show.

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