LED:LED What is the future of transparent screen

Nowadays, for many people, led transparent screen is no stranger. It is widely used in all walks of life and is gradually popularized. What is the prospect of LED transparent screen? Will it be eliminated? Let’s talk about this topic today.

&According to the person in charge of the LED display screen factory, a well-known led transparent screen manufacturer in Shenzhen, the prospect of LED transparent screen is very broad, and it is the sunrise period now! In 2017, led transparent screen has appeared in the eyes of the world, but it was still tepid at that time, and there are only a few manufacturers of transparent LED screens.

      2017 is an important year for China to vigorously promote the construction of smart city. The development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing” continues to deepen. Concepts such as big data, Internet +, and Internet of things endow smart city with new connotations. At the same time, the construction of new city image emerges as the times require. More and more LED transparent display products appear in all corners of the new city Led transparent screens exist in industrial complexes, shopping malls, 4S shops, window windows and other places with glass. In building lighting engineering, the glass screens needed may be replaced by LED transparent screens, which will be more widely used. Take glass curtain wall as an example, many buildings now prefer the application of glass walls for lighting, saving building materials and environmental protection, and the LED transparent screen is the only one With its light weight, no steel frame structure, simple installation and maintenance, good permeability and other characteristics, the screen can be described as a perfect combination with glass curtain wall. Its application in glass curtain wall not only meets the requirements of the building itself for glass wall, but also adds a special aesthetic feeling to urban buildings because of its fashion, beauty, generosity, modern sense and scientific and technological atmosphere Good light transmission performance, led transparent screen wall will not affect the lighting of the building when it is not working, so its architectural practicability, display practicality, ornamental are greatly in line with the development requirements of the current city image. In short, it will not affect the lighting and beauty, but also play the role of advertising and information display. The future of LED transparent screen can be said to be limitless!

&In addition, with the development of smart city, some traditional advertising styles are becoming out of date. Fashionable and technologically advanced LED transparent screen is rapidly becoming the focus of many advertisers in the image of the new city. In the advertising application of smart city, led transparent screen shows a great market application trend. From national conditions to policies, and then to the dynamics of enterprises, all these signs seem to indicate that the LED transparent screen market is on the eve of a big explosion. It is expected that in the next three to five years, the LED transparent screen market may usher in a period of K-SPEED growth!

 Looking at the LED transparent screen market, there are only a few large enterprises that can realize customization. Facing the market demand, the old led transparent screen manufacturer LED display screen factory feels more responsible. According to incomplete statistics, the orders of LED transparent screen factory are rising steadily, and there are many related cases, and the technology accumulation and industry experience are slow Accumulation, for the future of the industry to lay a good foundation, more competitive!

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