led transparent screen ice screen price is good for retail shop advertising

In the entire advertising industry, the use of LED display screen is very large, all kinds of places have his figure, especially jewelry shops, using LED transparent screen, perfect display jewelry momentum.

I. Introduction to LED transparent screen:

retail advertising

Led transparent screen, also known as ice screen, glass screen, transparent LED display screen, window screen, can be used for stage, studio, gold and jewelry store, clothing store, 4S shop, shopping mall, building glass curtain wall, real estate, science and Technology Museum, sightseeing elevator and other places. It is usually used in combination with glass, or can be used alone.

2. Specific situation of LED transparent screen ice screen:

Box size 500 * 500mm / 500 * 1000mm/

The resolution of the unit box is 64 * 64 / 64 * 128 / 128 * 128 points, and the resolution of the whole screen is 16384 points / m

About 75% high transparency effect, for the glass cabinet high window to retain daylighting and perspective function. High definition. 14 bit gray level, high contrast and high refresh rate. The box is light and thin, without complex supporting steel structure, which can save a lot of installation costs. The whole screen flatness splicing gap is less than 0.1mm to realize seamless splicing. It is easy to operate and supports synchronous asynchronous remote control.

3. Price of LED transparent ice screen

How much is the transparent LED screen per square meter? In terms of price, there is a standard for online prices, but that standard is only for your reference. The purchase of LED display screen not only depends on the price, but also depends on the product quality, after-sales maintenance and other factors. However, to be specific, on-line dealers are selling LED display screens, the price and service are often not affordable to manufacturers. It is more preferential to purchase goods from LED display manufacturers, and after-sales service does not need to bypass dealers.

Led transparent ice screen price can consult LED display factory, let professional sales staff talk with you, understand your needs, give you the price of goods. Led transparent screen how much a square? LED display factory to give you the most favorable price!

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