LED outdoor display screen abnormal maintenance cost?

LED display screen can be divided into outdoor display screen and indoor display screen according to different places of use. Different display screens have their own applicable environment. However, because the outdoor LED display screen will be affected by the weather, compared with the indoor display screen, it will be more prone to abnormal. Once there is a problem with the display screen, we need to report for repair in time How much does it cost to repair in case of abnormality?

First, according to the different parts needed, the maintenance price is different

If it is found that the LED outdoor display screen is abnormal and can not be used normally, we need to repair it in time. Of course, there are many reasons for the abnormal use of the display screen, which is caused by different damage. Therefore, during the maintenance, due to different accessories, the maintenance cost may be different, if it needs to be replaced The price of accessories is relatively high, so the maintenance cost will be relatively high. On the contrary, if it is a common small part, the maintenance cost may be lower.

Second, different brands and models lead to different maintenance costs

There are many brands and models of the display screen. Therefore, during the maintenance, it is necessary to carry out maintenance according to the model, and it is also related to the brand of the display screen. For different brands and different models of display screens, the maintenance costs are very different.

In addition, the cost of repairing the LED outdoor display screen is also related to the repair site. If the maintenance technology is good, the charge is relatively expensive. Of course, they will not have any problems after maintenance, so they can use it at ease. But if it is a small shop repair, it may also have the same problem.

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