LED display screen installation environment is important

We all have different opinions on whether the LED display can be used normally and for a long time. However, we believe that the quality of the products is one aspect, and the safety of the LED display screen is very important.

The environmental choice of installation is also a very important part.

There are a lot of optical elements in the
Quality led display screen. In the process of using, there will be a lot of dust in the air, and then pass through some small particles

The optical element is the vulnerable part of dust, which is dangerous to the optical element

We can’t look down on it. Sometimes a little dust can bring fatal damage to our machines.

LED electronic display screen currently attaches great importance to the details of the screen, and the details of each project are required to be very high, seamless splicing technology is constantly

Improve, their display effect is very good to ensure the final display effect is perfect.

from the process of using LED electronic display screen, dust protection is also a very important part of the process. How to achieve better dust prevention is led

One of the most important aspects of electronic display technology upgrading. [Shenzhen LED display screen]

too much dust will reduce the brightness of our screen. If the LED electronic display screen is installed in a dusty environment, it is generally dusty

It will reduce the brightness by 30%. If it is serious, it may reduce the brightness of the screen by 70%, so we must think about it in the process of operation

Law to make our system dust less, if there is dust, but also through the correct method to remove as soon as possible. In the screen display, 7200 rpm is generated during the operation of the color wheel. A lot of dust will accumulate

The rotation speed of the color wheel is uneven and the color of the image is shifted.

it is precisely because dust has such a great impact on our whole large screen system that we should pay special attention to the operating environment of LED electronic display screen.

because of this, when we install, we really need to work hard to choose the environment. Only perfect after-sales service

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