Introduction to wireless LED Screen for video wall shows

The wireless LED screen system mainly consists of an LED screen with wireless (GSM) data transmission module and a user data publishing center (information management control software+dedicated transmission module).

wireless led controller
The characteristics of wireless LED screens
1、 Large scale networking: Wireless LED screens send information through wireless networks such as GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, etc., using TCP/IP network transmission protocol, and the number of terminal networking is not limited, so they can be networked on a large scale.
2、 Real time information release: Wireless LED screens can receive information from the information center at any time.
3、 Unrestricted by distance: Wireless LED screens can be used nationwide, as long as there is wireless network signal coverage, without being limited by distance and location.
4、 Easy installation and maintenance: As there is no need to lay optical cables or communication cables, the installation position of the wireless LED screen is easy to choose. Modular design, easy to maintain and repair, and automatically save all information for automatic dial-up internet connection, automatic redial when disconnected, ensuring reliable connection. When powered on again after power outage, the wireless LED screen automatically plays the original information. Anti interference design, suitable for electromagnetic harsh environment applications, high and low temperature design, suitable for low and high temperature working environments.
5、 Multiple information dissemination methods: Depending on the selected communication network, different information transmission methods can be selected to update the information on the wireless LED display screen, and information can be sent in groups or single points. For example, computers send messages through relevant websites on the Internet, computers send messages through dedicated information sending modules, and regular mobile phones send messages.
6、 Multiple LED display screen options: various indoor, semi outdoor, outdoor single color, dual color, color, etc.
7、 Multiple language options: such as numbers, letters, Chinese, English, etc.
8、 Rich information display methods: Each information can be customized with its display method and dwell time, and can be arranged and displayed freely, which is very flexible.
9、 Multiple information encryption methods: such as adding identification codes and verification codes when sending information according to user needs, or only receiving dedicated numbers. Ensure information security.
10、 Supports multiple special effects functions.
Wireless LED information display screen is a new type of information media that has been widely accepted by social groups since its debut. Its “mobile” display and networked information dissemination characteristics have been highly praised by the advertising industry, becoming a new type of advertising media. No matter where the LED display screens are placed or how many LED display screens there are, the main control center of the system can accurately and instantly publish information to a designated one or more or all of the LED display screens. The wireless LED display screen information dissemination system can greatly enhance the flexibility and real-time performance of LED display screens as information display carriers, and play a great role in expanding the application of LED display screens.

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