smd3535 module P8 outdoor LED display screen full color small space LED display screen

p8smd3535 surface mounted outdoor LED display screen will cooperate with you for a win-win situation. You may reject the opportunity of smd3535 now, but it will not stop the trend of smd3535 seizing the market in the future. There are many defects in the traditional outdoor LED display, such as poor heat dissipation, low resolution, small luminous angle, low contrast, poor definition, heavy volume, and serious safety problems.

with the development of full-color LED display technology, the surface mounting technology, which abandons the traditional disadvantages and has many bright spots, has been paid more and more attention by the industry. It has the advantages of light, short, large viewing angle and good display effect. The following LED display manufacturers small series from several aspects to introduce the difference between direct insertion and surface mounting. There are three main differences between the two in terms of reliability.
1. Sealing problem The lamp bead used in Huaze P8 surface mounted outdoor LED display screen is smd3535. The sealing performance of crystal smd3535 is better than that of plug-in lamp. The lamp bead of smd3535 adopts multiple waterproof and moisture-proof design. The packaging device of p8 surface mounted outdoor full-color LED display screen is mainly about reliability and weather resistance. Under harsh outdoor conditions, it is necessary to ensure strong waterproof performance and color rendering effect UV, corrosion resistance. Therefore, the reliability of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti ultraviolet and other adverse environmental factors should be better. And the plug-in lamp has two pins, as long as you don’t pay attention, water vapor will enter the pin along the lamp bead. The figure below shows the moisture proof test of smd3535.

In view of the two technical difficulties of water-proof and moisture-proof, a series of experiments were carried out to test whether the SMD lamp beads are suitable for outdoor LED display. After 100 times of destructive tests of full humidity cold and heat shock, the dead light rate is 0, thus breaking through this technical difficulty.

The smd3535 lamp of
crystal table is packaged with red, green and blue three in one package. The packaging materials are pure gold wire, pure copper bracket and pure PPA. Smd3535 adopts 12 gold wires, copper bracket and 10 μ chip. Each chip has a heat conduction channel, while the in-line LED lamp only encapsulates one wick in each lamp and uses iron bracket. Therefore, the heat dissipation of smd3535 is 4 times that of in-line insertion.

The failure rate of SMD lamps is lower than that of plug-in lamps due to packaging, heat dissipation and environmental problems. The following figure shows the smd3535 test process.

In the aspect of optical performance, we mainly discuss the brightness, viewing angle, light distribution and color mixing, contrast and vertical accuracy. At present, the brightness of the SMD outdoor display screen of the same specification is lower than that of the in-line lamp display screen. In view of this situation, Huaze carried out experiments with P8 outdoor surface mount module and direct plug module. The experimental results show that the brightness of surface mounted outdoor LED display module is higher than that of in-line LED display module from different angles, and the color is more uniform, as shown in the figure below:
2, perspective
surface mounted outdoor LED display not only has a wide viewing angle of more than 140 degrees in the horizontal direction, but also has a wide viewing angle of more than 120 degrees in the vertical direction. The outdoor LED display screen hanging in the sky needs a wider perspective to show better advertising effect. However, the view angle of LED display screen is only 90 degrees.

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