How to choose a small pitch LED display advertising wall

When purchasing LED displays, the precautions for choosing small spacing LED displays: users should consider their own cost, demand, scope of application and other factors. Before buying a small spacing LED display, decide whether you really need a small spacing. It should be decided according to the actual situation.flexible led video wall (3)
1、 The prerequisite is “low brightness and high gray”.
As a small spacing LED screen of the display terminal, we must first ensure the viewing comfort, so when purchasing, the primary consideration is the brightness. Relevant research shows that as an active source, LED has twice the brightness of passive light (projector and LCD) in terms of human eye sensitivity. In order to make the eyes look more comfortable, the brightness range of small spacing LED screen can only be between 100cd m2 and 300cd .
2、 When choosing point spacing, we should pay attention to the balance of “effect and skill”
Ordinary LED screens want to get good visual effects. Some people can only see the sight distance and small spacing LED screens. Users can simply measure P2 through sight distance = sight distance . For example, the viewing distance of P2 small spacing LED screen is about 6m.
3、 Select the resolution and pay attention to the matching with the “front-end signal transmission device”.
The smaller the dot spacing of the low spacing LED screen, the higher the resolution, and the higher the definition of the image. In practice, users want to construct a good LED display system with small spacing. While paying attention to the resolution of the screen itself, they should also consider the matching with the front-end signal transmission products.

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