Full color LED display solution of city science and technology exhibition hall LED

Full color LED display is one of the main windows to show this clue at present. It can not only review the past, present the present, but also look forward to the future.LED display gradually replaces sand table, ceiling, information wall and lighting. LED display is widely used in the Planning Museum to depict a clearer city dream.

Characteristics of display screen in urban science and Technology Planning Museum

&First of all, there is a unique structure. The Planning Museum is a closed indoor place with limited space. Due to the limitation of power supply, pipeline, fire protection and other conditions, the reasonable installation of each display screen needs corresponding structure to meet our expectations. For example, the cube LED screen requires us to accurately calculate the site.

&Secondly, the display screen of the Planning Museum is a product requiring low brightness and high gray. Conventional LED display screen generally has high brightness, which is widely used in bright environment. However, because the Planning Museum is in a closed indoor weak light environment, the best brightness is not greater than 800nit. Under this brightness, the conventional display screen will lose gray scale, skip frame, color gradient, uneven color, color deviation and so on. We have specially designed low brightness and high gray products for the display screen of the Planning Museum, which ensures that the display screen still has 14 levels of gray effect under the brightness of only 400 nit.

&Finally, the integrated display control center. The planning hall is composed of multiple scenes, and all scenes need to be centralized in a control center, which requires a highly integrated control system to control all display screen products and lighting and audio equipment in the venue. So as to ensure that the display screen material replacement is simple. With integrated control center, the equipment maintenance is convenient, and the control system software is set once, which is permanent and effective.

&The display screen in the Planning Museum is the essence of the city dream, and it is an art integrating the soul of the city. This artwork is changeable, delicate and unique.

Scene requirements for display screen of Planning Museum

&Each city has its own unique cultural environment and scenery with local characteristics, which should be considered in the design of Urban Planning Museum.

In the coastal city planning hall, we integrated the LED display screen with the venue design to create a scene with sea scenery characteristics. The Planning Museum in coastal cities, with a 20 meter long, 120 ° viewing angle wide-angle curved screen, with ceiling and floor decoration, and other sensory equipment, makes people feel like the beach, watching the tide rise and fall, and deduce the magnificence of the sea indoors.

&In the mountain city planning Museum, the local cultural landscape is integrated to create a scene with mountain customs. The Planning Museum in the city is connected with the ceiling and the ground with a 12 meter high folding display screen. The sky, the mountain, the foot of the mountain and the river valley are arranged in layers. With other sensory equipment, people can watch the moon rise and fall in Mingchuan, and feel the mountains and valleys in the museum.

&The display screen is not only used for display, but also integrated into the design of Planning Museum, such as floor, wall, ceiling, etc. This test is the comprehensive ability of the display manufacturer’s products. Our transparent LED display series, stage performance series, fixed display series, small spacing LED display series, also have sky screen display series. Different series are suitable for different scenes.

Design principle of display screen in science and Technology Planning Museum

1. Pixel density design

The distance between pixels on the screen is usually 0.1 mm. Because the distance below 0.1 mm exceeds the limit of retinal resolution, it can not be distinguished no matter how close you look, so it is regarded as a whole visually. The corresponding pixel density is about 300 ppi.

&The effective visual distance of LED display screen in the Planning Museum is generally 2m-16m. In order to make the viewer have the best visual effect, it is necessary to select the display point spacing according to the equivalent retinal distance. If the average display distance is 9 meters, the LED display screen with spacing of P3 can be selected to meet the display requirements in the Planning Museum. If the visual distance is 5 meters, p1.667 LED display screen can be selected to meet the display requirements.

The calculation formula is as follows:

1. Silence

The Planning Museum is located in a closed space, which requires high noise control. The traditional LCD and DLP splicing are equipped with cooling fan, which generates buzz while cooling. LED display does not need cooling fan for heat dissipation, and the power supply is equipped with fan free silent power supply. Redundant power configuration ensures that the effective load of the power supply is less than 60%, thus ensuring a quiet environment in the Planning Museum.

2. Consistency of super large splicing

Compared with the traditional LCD and DLP splicing, LED display unit module splicing will not appear black frame, which can achieve super large display panel splicing. At the same time, LED display can ensure that the brightness and chroma of the modules are consistent to achieve the best display effect of the whole screen. In terms of viewing angle, the left and right and up and down view angles of LED display are as high as 120 degrees, which can completely cover all corners of the interior of the Planning Museum.

3. Lightweight design

In the planning hall and other indoor places, the space is quite limited. In order to make more efficient use of space, the lightweight design of display screen is particularly important. The LED display screen can be installed in any space of 100 mm, which can only be installed in the wall of the museum.

4. System architecture

&There will be multiple displays in the Planning Museum. We have designed an integrated control for the LED display control center. Only one computer can control multiple displays at the same time. At the same time, the video processor integrated into the system can access all kinds of image input signals, and timely and accurately put the video picture information on the corresponding display screen.

Other peripherals of Planning Museum Project

1. Audio equipment

Audio configuration needs to be selected according to LED display and indoor environment requirements. According to different application environment, the system design needs to meet the following technical requirements: the most appropriate decibel, high fidelity transmission, the best definition, uniform sound field distribution, sound image consistency and so on. As for how to achieve the best effect, the broadcasting system department will do the best calculation to make the display screen and audio equipment achieve the best effect.

2. Lighting equipment

The design, configuration and function of the lighting system should meet the theme requirements of the exhibition hall, and the rationality, scalability, foresight and good cost performance of the system should be fully considered. The most important thing is that the light can render an atmosphere, which is integrated with the LED display, making the theme of the Planning Museum more vivid.

What can we do to plan the museum project

&Since the establishment of LED display screen factory in Shenzhen, we have made corresponding product design for many planning museums. Among them, Xinjiang Urumqi Planning Museum, Ningxia Planning Museum, Hainan Haikou Planning Museum, Anhui Hefei Planning Museum, etc. It includes super long arc display screen, ultra-high bending display screen, U-shaped floor to ceiling screen, multi system integrated control center, product fusion display system with different spacing, etc.

We have experienced nearly ten years of wind and rain, accumulated strong technical strength, have a series of products to choose from. We are committed to the perfect combination of display technology and visual art.

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